Internet Outage: The World in Digital Darkness for a Moment


Imagine living in a world without any internet outage. It would feel so empty and boring. The world might even come to a still stand as world corporations stop operating. The digital world has been evolving every day creating a convenient world to live in. The merits of the internet are as many as its demerits.

Passing information from one person to another relies on the power of an internet connection. However, some people use the internet in the wrong way to harm people and organizations. This is mostly seen from the hackers and cyberbullies who make the earth a hell to live in.

Recently, there was an internet outage that disrupted many activities globally. Just the same way Ethiopia had an issue with its internet connection.

Internet Outage On July 17th, 2020

Yesterday, the world thought that the digital world had fallen to beginner levels. However, the situation was not as people saw it since the internet connection was not under an attack. There are still some sites that are very dark and others are unstable. One of the deliverers of routers that link domains to their IP addresses says they are aware of the issue at hand.

Cloudflare DNS says:

“This afternoon we saw an outage across some areas of our network. It was not as a result of an attack. It appears a router on our global backbone announced bad routes and caused some portions of the network to be unavailable. We believe we have addressed the cause and we are monitoring systems for stability now.”

The Cloudflare

Cloudflare is an American website-security firm that provides content delivery network services. Its headquarters are in California. Besides, the company has other offices in London, Singapore, Lisbon, Sydney, Austin, New York, and among other regions.

Matthew Prince’s Views

Prince is the chief executive officer of Cloudflare. He went online to locate the problems or issues coming from an Atlanta router.

The CEO says:

“That resulted in misrouted traffic to PoPs that link to our backbone. We restored everything now and we are investigating the main cause.”

Coronavirus And Internet Connection

As the coronavirus is spreading very fast in the United States, the authorities who are coming with measures may extend the stay-at-home order. People need an internet connection to steer off their minds from the pressure of locking themselves indoors. Lack of this internet connection might cause unnecessary unrest among people as they cannot get a source of entertainment.

Earlier Updates On The State Of The Internet

The situation started with hackers hacking the Twitter VIPs and the whole internet collapsed. The event affected some Datacenters. These are SJC, DFW, SEA, IAD, EWR, ATL, LAX, LHR, FRA, AMS, and CDG.

From this situation, we learn that we should not take the internet connection for granted as it is the most important thing right now. We ought to appreciate world leaders such as Bill Gates who are doing their best to ensure that every region in the world has access to the internet connection. Most especially the youths who are the future of tomorrow’s world.



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