How Well Do Americans Know About the African Continent?


Africa is one of the 7 continents in the world. Others include Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. The African continent is rich in minerals such as diamonds, oil, and gold. These minerals are all over the 54 nations of Africa. Some of the states in Africa are Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Togo, Cape Verde, Somalia, Egypt, South Africa, and others.

African Continent and the Rest of the World

In Asia, we find states such as Japan, Indonesia, China, India, and Thailand. In Europe, there is Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain. The United States, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, and Haiti are in North America. Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Ecuador are in South America.


A reporter in the United States had an interesting topic of asking the Americans to mention more than 2 African states. Most of us acknowledge that the Americans have a great vast of knowledge and many of them know almost everything. However, in this article, you will be surprised how much knowledge some Americans have concerning the African region.


What Students Said

The reporter found some 2 students, one in the 6th grade and the other in the 7th grade, and asked them to mention 3 African countries. She had high expectations that the young students might know some states. The one in the 7th grade said that he did not know any country in the African region. The case was similar for the one in 6th grade claiming that he was too young for the question.


As the reporter was going to the next person to ask the same, the student in the 7th grade said Mexico was in Africa. Mexico is a country found in the continent of North America. The younger one mentioned Australia being one of the states in the African region.


What a Young Lady Said

The reporter then found a young lady in the streets and asked her to mention at least 1 African country. Surprisingly, she did not know any African state and later guessed of Turkey. Turkey is on the Anatolian peninsula in the Western part of Asia, with a part on the Balkan peninsula in SE Europe. The reporter then advised the young lady to research African states on Google.


What About a Middle-Aged Man

A man from Southern California mentioned 3 African countries. They were Cameroon, Ivory Coast, and Tanzania. The man’s knowledge surprised the reporter and even asked him where he got the information. He said that there are several Africans in Houston and on the western side there are many Nigerians. It seems that the man was familiar with his surrounding.


A Young Man

The reporter found a random young man and asked him to mention any 3 African countries. He mentioned South Africa and Nigeria.


What a Teenage Boy said

As the reporter was closing her interview she met a teenager who mentioned only 1 African state and that was Nigeria. He told the reporter that he heard the country in a history lesson while at school.


Answer from a 62-year Old Man

The old man mentioned Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nigeria. He said that American teachers taught him about American History and World History while in school.


From this interview, we learn that it is very important for one to know the world facts regardless of the location one is.



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