The Best Airports In The African Continent


Airports are aerodrome with extended facilities for commercial air transport. It is the 1st impression of tourists when they visit a certain country. The governments of different states should ensure that these facilities are secure and welcoming. According to Skytrax, here are the best African airports.


#1 Mohammed V International Airport

The international airport is in Morocco, Casablanca in Nouaceur Province. The ONDA operates the airport. In 2014, analysts acknowledged it as the busiest in the state and 4th busiest in the continent. In August the same year, ONDA announced an increase of over 7% passenger traffic to 918238.


The airport serves as home to Royal Air Maroc, Royal Air Maroc Express, and Air Arabia Maroc. Last year, it served over 10m passengers. Because of enhancement in accuracy and efficiency, people voted it as the 10th best airport in the region.


#2 Kigali International Airport

The airport serves Kigali and is in Kanombe. Besides, it also serves as a transit airport for Bukavu and Goma. In 2004, it served over 130000 passengers and 4 years later it served 270000 passengers. In 2012, information from RCAA showed that passenger traffic via the airport grew by more than 25%.


Its builders designed it to take care of more than 350000 passengers annually. In 2013, the international and local passenger numbers were over 540000 and flight frequencies at 400. After 3 years, the international and local passenger numbers were more than 700000.


#3 Seychelles International Airport

It is on Mahe and it is also the head office of Air Seychelles. The airport gets over 500,000 passengers annually.


#4 Port Elizabeth International Airport

The airport serves port Elizabeth and people formerly called it H.F Verwoerd Airport. The Airports Company South Africa owns and manages the airport. In 2017, the airport served more than 1.5m passengers. It has more than 1 asphalt paved runways.


#5 East London Airport

It serves in East London. East London’s airport plays a part in the economy of the Eastern Cape area. Daily, it invites more than 25 flights that bring about a million people to East London annually. Out of these more than 500,000 are holidaymakers, and about 15% are foreign visitors. In 2013, the airport served over 650000 passengers.


3 years later, people voted the airport as the fastest growing one in SA and it welcomed over 800,000 passengers in 2016. A year before, over 670000 passengers passed via East London.


#6 Marrakesh Menara Airport

The facility serves Marrakesh, and it receives European flights. Besides, it also serves flights to Arab countries. Last year, it served more than 6m passengers. The ONDA offers its VIP services at the facility.


#7 Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport

The British colonialists built the facility in the 1940s. It is the major airport in Mauritius. It also has direct flights to places in Africa, Europe, and Asia. The AML is the owner and manager of the international airport. It’s the 94th best airport globally.

#8 R Tambo International Airport

The airport is in Kempton Park and serves as the major facility for local and international travel to and from SA. It is Africa’s busiest airport and can take care of more than 25m passengers every year. It serves as the home for South African Airways.


In 2017, it handled more than 20m passengers. It has 2 runways and over 3 terminals broken down into 3 major regions. It is the 33rd best airport globally.


#9 King Shaka International Airport

KSIA serves Durban and is in La Mercy. It started operating way back in 2010. The Osmond Lange Architects and Planners designed the facility and cost over $890m. According to 2010 stats, the airport was the 9th busiest airport in the continent. KSIA handles about 10m passengers annually.

#10 Cape Town International Airport

The airport serves Cape Town and is the 2nd busiest in SA and 4th busiest in the African region. It opened in 1954 to substitute for Wingfield Aerodrome. Cape Town International airport has local and international terminals. It also has direct flights from Jo-burg and Durban. Internationally, it has direct flights to places in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States.



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