Hope Is Reached Since Coronavirus Hit The World

Coronavirus At The Verge Of Becoming A Pandemic
Coronavirus At The Verge Of Becoming A Pandemic

Coronavirus is a deadly disease that contains pneumonia-like symptoms that originated in China. Since its outbreak, it has spread to various countries of the world and has deeply affected businesses and the stock market following reports earlier this week. Scientists and pharmaceutical organizations are trying to get the vaccine and the right treatment to stop the disease from spreading.

Remdesivir Brings Some Hope According To World Health Organization

Remdesivir is a drug in the nucleotide analog class. The Gilead Sciences were the ones who promoted and developed the drug.

It is famous since it once helped in the control of the Ebola virus. GS-5734 is also used to curb various viruses such as Junín virus,SARS and the COVID19 currently.

WHO says that it might be a cure for coronavirus since it helps control its symptoms. The drug seems to treat a wide range of viruses that are out there. Following the west African Ebola virus, Remdesivir was quite effective in stabilizing its effects. A trial was done on one of the human patients that had an early-stage development of the virus.

Early this year, a patient in Washington infected with SARS-COV-2  had pneumonia-like symptoms was exposed to Remdesivir and the results following the next day were promising. Still, in January some Chinese medical researchers came up with reports that Remdesivir was showing positive constraining effects on the SARS-CoV-2. Remdesivir can be synthesized from ribose derivatives.

Clinics are undergoing lab tests and say results will be out in few weeks to come (probably around early April). The Gilead Sciences spokesman confirms this to us by saying

“The two studies, one in patients with severe disease and another in patients with the moderate disease are currently enrolling participants and we anticipate results in April,”

Firms Join Into Combating Coronavirus

GSK, a British pharmaceutical company, wishes to partner with China Biopharmaceuticals so that they may develop the vaccine against covid19. They intend to use advanced technology in making the vaccine so that the immune response might be stronger.

Johnson and Johnson, an American corporation that helps in developing medical devices and pharmaceutical commodities, offers a hand to help fight this deadly virus. The company is willing to use antiviral therapies and high-techs. AdVac and PER.C6 technologies are the ones in J&J that are going to be used in higher production of the vaccine and reach its optimal value.

Biotech company AbbVie gives much hope to the people since they say they have seen very positive results ahead concerning treating COVID19. They are going to achieve all this by using 2 of its Tamiflu and medications used in HIV. This mixture is made by Japan’s Chugai Pharmaceutical company and the Swiss pharmaceutical firm known as Roche Holding.


The lesser firms such as Novavax and Inovio Pharmaceuticals are not left behind. They are 100% willing to collaborate with others in combating coronavirus.



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