Ghost soldiers: the Russians secretly dying for the Kremlin in Syria


It has been a worst year for 100 Rusians and everyone could smell that in January. The President Bashir al-Assad supports continuous to die as single unit in Syria.  Maxim Kolganov was killed on February 3rd. A sharp bullet pierced through his heart and body armor near Aleppo.


Within a month, on early March 9th, a 38-year-old Sergio Morozov from a similar unit died. The Good Samaritan decided to take him to the hospital but he bled profusely and felt short of breath on the way. He got hit by a bullet at shellfire near the Palmyra city.


The Russian made a feast to celebrate the deceased bodies. Their families got certificates signed by President Putin as bravery fighters. Those medals represented the sacrifice they had made fighting for their nation.


The two deceased officers, Morozov and Kolganov, had private contracts with Syria. They were not employed directly by the Russian national government. They were part of a minor army who were deployed in private by Kremlin in Syria. Although their friends also died, there is no public report about the incidents. Their family members have disclosed how they got threatened to be silent about the matter. In returns, they received a bunch of dollars. Reuters had an interview with one family that said they got around $100,000 in compensation to their fighter who died.


It’s official that the Russian are indulging in air war with Syria. But they only allocate a small unit on the ground. Last week Moscow denied combating an operation through their ground troop. Reuters made a secrete interview with some individuals familiar with the deployments of Russians. The role claimed by Kremlin is played by physical Russian fighters on the ground. It’s the selected citizen’s officers who are playing a major role in that operation.


It’s a Russian Military aircraft that flies to Syria, landing at Russian bases. If any of them get injuries, they are taken to Russian military hospitals for treatment. After which, they receive state medals for the good job they have done.


Despite all the questionnaires and interviews, it was hard for Reuters to know the number of such Russian fighting in Syria. However, the three interviewees said they have many units of small sizes. The Kremlin and Defense ministry did not respond to such allegations. Even the companies that hired fighters from Russia were never disclosed. In-depth knowledge about who releases the payments was not answered.


According to the the Russian Constitution, it is illegal to work on a contract with the private military organization. But for almost 25 years, Russian citizens have indulged in wars across the former Soviet Union that broke up in 1991. It was the Russians who fought instead of Moscow separatists in Ukraine. The Western Union countries confirmed that Moscow was the distributor of resources. Kremlin admitted that the Russians involved had volunteered to fight for Moscow.


A person familiar with Morozov and Kolganov said the two had fought again in Ukraine and they got involved in Syria. Their leader was known as ‘Vagner’ who is the ‘Russian mercenary forces’ leader in Syria. His identity is unknown. He traveled to Syria in 2013 as a mercenary so he has almost 8 years of experience.


Another source, a popular Fontaka Russian-language website named the person ‘Dimitry Utkin’. There was no image but the report indicated a bald man alighting from a helicopter.

A Unkranian commander said the Russian fighters have adapted the Syria life and it’s difficult for them to come back to civilian life.


He proved that manya number of them. They have really changed. When associating with them, the only language they understand is war. It’s very ambiguous to change their minds. They will even join another war if the one in Syria is over.



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