French-based Journalists` Death Sentence to Proceed


The Iran supreme court upholds journalists’ death sentence arrested the last year 2019. The journalist has also been a France exile for years. The sentence confirmation was made on Tuesday. None of it was received with gladness. In fact, international criticisms became inevitable. France and various human rights groups completely disagree with the decision by the Supreme court. The Journalists` death sentence is a result of stimulating violence in the 2017 protests. An act that displeased the Iran authorities and arraigned him in court. Rohollah Zam, the journalist, fled and sought France`s asylum.

Rohollah Zam`s convictions

A journalist, currently at 47 years old, owned the Telegram channel `Amadnews.´  A channel founded in 2015, with more than 1 million followers. He dedicated his channel to cover the 2017-2018 Iran Anti-government protests fully. The channel was suspended in 2018 after re-emerging under another name. Apparently, according to the supreme court, Zam was inciting the violence through the channel. An accusation that led to his incarceration in Iran.

His work served as a threat to the Iran officials. In fact, the articles and information shared in his channel revealed a lot about government officials. This threatened Iran`s Shia theocracy and charged Zam with attempts to overthrow the government. A February indictment reveals his charges, which are committing offenses against the country’s internal and external security. Insult to Islam’s sanctity, espionage for the French intelligence service, and `corruption on earth´ as stated.

Iran officials accuse other government opponents in exile of fomenting the violence. There were a total of 21 fatalities as a result of the protests. The country has had its worst share of unrest during that year. Last year other protests over fuel prices followed suit.

Events that led to his arrest

Zam, son to a pro-reform Shi`ite cleric, was given asylum in France, as stated earlier. In October 2019, the journalist fell into the trap of Iran and was arrested. The Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps affirms that an operation was in play.  The complex operation involved the use of intelligence deception. However, they did not mention where the operation took place.

A news agency close to the Revolutionary guards shares some details towards the arrest. According to Tuesday Nour News, Zam was traveling to Iraq in September 2019. He was thus intercepted by the Iran revolutionary guards and brought to Iran. Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili assured that the Iran Supreme Court had upheld the journalists ‘death sentence.

The world`s take

The news has not been pleasing the ears of many, especially in France. The ministry told Iran that Zam’s death sentence is a serious threat to human rights. As a result, France advises Iran to take responsibility for the International human rights obligation. Amnesty international as well condemned the act. Amnesty further points out that the death penalty is a weapon of repression on its people.




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