France reopens its embassy as it welcomes Libya’s pacification


France, President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday in a sign of the progressive restoration of the state’s unity after years of war, will reopen its embassy in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, next week. The visiting President of the President’s Council of Libya, Mohammad Menfi, said to his vice president Mosa Al-Koni in Paris that;

“Our embassy in Tripoli will be reopened from Monday and our ambassador will return to your territory.”


A car bomb blast in April 2013 and official closures since July 2014 was launched at the Embassy in Libya’s capital city.

A United Nations peace process, initiated in Tunis in November, then voted on in Geneva and approved by the Parliament of Libya on 10 March, was Libya’s new transitional executive.


Since NATO-supplemented rebellion leading revolutionary Muammar Muhammad Abu Mineyar Gaddafi was assassinated in 2011, the oil-rich Libyan nation has been torn by civil war.

“I want you and France here to express my full respect for the new united Libyan authorities that emerged from the transition,” Macron said.

Macron said that regional unity will be unlikely without peace in Libya: ‘There’s a decade of turmoil between the Libyans.

France and Macron denounced Turkish military actions in Libya bitterly, denying reports of the covert presence of Paris in foreign affairs.




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