13 year Old Saved From Poverty Through His Invention.


Poverty can be described as a state or condition in which a person or community lacks financial resources. Although it can also be described as a lack of the essentials for a minimum standard of living in a community or family. However, those who do have jobs that are exposed to poverty, as well as those whose employment income is low. Low-income earners are affected because they are always unable to meet their basic human needs. However, some have argued that poverty is a state of the mind; that is the inability of some men to put their minds to work. Poverty is a reality that men are still looking for ways to curtail. Although there are those who have not seen nor have been able to understand what it means to live in poverty.

Poverty has been a major challenge on the African continent and different persons have come up with different solutions. For Instance, there have been inventions such as the Chewberry app that enables NGOs to get food items. The app makes it easy to locate malls with food items that are about to expire hence they get these food items at a lower price. So, therefore, this app is solving the issue of poverty in Africa by helping NGOs reach more people. People are so poor in communities across Africa that sometimes food becomes the best gift to take to them.

13 year Old saves himself from poverty through invention

There are those who have become super creative by putting their minds to work. They put their minds to work in other to pull themselves out of the harsh condition of poverty. Many have been able to break out of poverty by stretching themselves academically, traveling out of their locality. Meanwhile, there are those who have denied themselves pleasures and chased their dreams.

13 year Old Guled Adan Abdi from Somalia is one of those who have put their minds to work and has been able to come out with an invention. In every community, people trash food items and materials because they are not used daily. Guled looked at the trash available in his environment and so an opportunity that he didn’t necessarily have to pay for. Although this opportunity he didn’t have to pay for presented itself as Trash, Guled took it and made an invention. However, Guled started building toy cars and airplanes using trashed plastics he picked from his surroundings. Also, he was able to fashion the parts of the airplanes and cars using cooking oil containers. As well as cutting bottles to create doors, fenders, and wings for these toys.

Invention Won Guled an Opportunity to meet with his President.

Guled continued to improve his invention of toys, for example, he found discarded electric motor and though of how to use them. And he started experimenting with electric power then he was able to invent a Fan. Guled’s invented fan was used to cool his family home during the day and used it as light at night. It was a double functional invention that fascinated his neighbors and they began to gather to watch him create his toys. Also, his teachers began to tell local leaders about his invention so that he can be supported by them.

The effort of his teachers put into talking to leaders about Guled and describing him as a young engineer went viral. And this won him a meeting with President Abdiweli Mohammed Ali of Somalia’s Puntland region. Guled demonstrated his creations before the President who was impressed at the inventions of the 13-year-old. The president promised that his government would pay for Guled’s education. With this Guled invention saved him from poverty that would have deprived him of education. Moreso, Guled’s concern no more on how to fund his education but on how to build and sell his toys, then one day build real cars. According to goodnewsnetwork.



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