Flames Engulf Copenhagen’s Borsen: Stock Exchange Spire Falls in Fire

Flames Engulf Copenhagen's Borsen: Stock Exchange Spire Falls
Copenhagen fire: Denmark's old stock exchange in flames |

Flames Engulf Copenhagen’s Borsen: Stock Exchange Spire Falls in Fire

On a fateful Tuesday in Copenhagen, a devastating fire tore through the iconic Old Stock Exchange, shrouding the Danish capital in a scene reminiscent of the tragic Notre-Dame Cathedral blaze of 2019 in Paris. The flames voraciously consumed the spire of the historic landmark, sending it crashing down in a heartbreaking spectacle.

In a frantic effort to salvage precious relics from the inferno, emergency services, Danish Chamber of Commerce personnel, including CEO Brian Mikkelsen, and concerned passers-by were observed rushing to remove large paintings and artifacts from the endangered building. The poignant sight of the flaming spire splitting apart and plummeting to the ground mirrored the anguish felt by those witnessing the destruction of their cultural heritage.

Mikkelsen, visibly shaken, lamented the loss, emphasizing the profound historical significance of the Old Stock Exchange, which has shaped Danish cultural identity over four centuries. The National Museum of Denmark swiftly mobilized its staff to assist in evacuating invaluable artworks and artifacts from the conflagration, underscoring the collective determination to preserve Denmark’s rich cultural legacy.

Among the treasures saved were masterpieces by acclaimed Danish artist Peder Severin Kroyer, underscoring the irreplaceable nature of the salvaged artworks. Plans were made to transport the rescued items to the National Museum for assessment and safekeeping, providing a glimmer of hope amidst the devastation.

The historic building, adorned with a spire intricately shaped like the tails of four dragons, had been undergoing renovation, shrouded in scaffolding at the time of the blaze. Despite valiant efforts by firefighters, significant portions of the roof collapsed, and the fire ravaged multiple floors of the structure, necessitating an ongoing firefighting operation into the night.

While the cause of the blaze remained unknown, the poignant parallels drawn to the Notre-Dame fire underscored the profound impact of the tragedy on the Danish populace. Defence Minister Troels Lund Poulsen aptly described it as “our own Notre-Dame moment,” acknowledging the deep emotional resonance evoked by the loss of such a cherished landmark.

As the wail of sirens pierced the air and thick plumes of smoke billowed above the cityscape, the Royal Life Guards and scores of volunteers rallied to secure valuables and assist in containment efforts. Amidst the somber atmosphere, citizens young and old expressed their sorrow and disbelief at the sight of their beloved architectural gem engulfed in flames.

The future of the Old Stock Exchange hangs in the balance, as authorities and stakeholders grapple with the monumental task of rebuilding and restoring this symbol of Danish heritage. Yet, amidst the devastation, there remains a resolute determination to preserve the legacy of a structure that has stood as a testament to the nation’s history and identity for centuries.


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