EX-President Jerry Rawlings Laid to Rest in Ghana


On Wednesday, Ghanians buried their former President, Jerry Rawlings, in Accra. The event, which started in the morning, was attended by many Ghanaians who came to pay tribute to the deceased. The late Jerry Rawlings was in power for about 20 years. He first ruled in the military and later became the head of state.

His demise was sure a significant loss to Ghanaians. More so as there was so much to commemorate about him. There is, however, no clarity on the cause of his death. Though reports stated, he suffered severe illness before passing away in November last year. His burial took place recently because some controversies arose as political leaders disagreed on some logistics regarding his funeral.

Who was Jerry Rawlings?

Ghanaians commemorate Mr. Rawlings as a legend who brought the country to democratic control. For the better part of his life, he committed to ensuring the well-being of his country. Though half Ghanian, half Scottish, Mr. Rawlings was a patriotic Ghanian citizen. He attended a military school where he gained powerful military skills and later qualified to become a lieutenant.

He worked as a flight lieutenant for some time before he started practicing politics. Mr. Rawlings started to pursue politics following the constant problems his country underwent under corrupted administration. It was not long before he achieved prominence. He decided to channel his energy to condemn mismanagement, corruption, and the in-disciplined regime. By so doing, he became an outlaw. He attempted to oust the then government but failed. The court ordered his execution, but he successfully escaped.

Mr. Rawlings came to power through the Provisional National Defense Council. He worked his ass off as the party’s flag bearer as he was destined to make Ghana a better country and truly transitioned the country to a better place. There is so much to remember about his achievements.

Tributes to the Former President

Nana Konadu Agyemang- Rawlings talked extensively of his husband. He said the late Rawlings was a fatherly figure who took so much pride in his duties. She said he was passionate and open-hearted, with no boundaries when it came to sharing. Mrs. Nana stated how Jerry never hesitated to approve laws that protected the vulnerable in the society. He was there for everyone.

“You took pride in your fatherly duties, and you were passionate and open-hearted. Your gift of sharing had no boundaries. You never hesitated to aid in the passing of laws to protect the endangered in society. Jerry, I know that God ordained us for each other. You gave your best, and I played my role,” she said.

President Nana Akufo-Ado described the late leader as a charismatic and fearless leader who fought for his people’s interests. One of Rawlings’s greatest legacies is his overthrowing the government of Ghana twice and seizing power. His second ruling period, i.e., between 1981 and 2001, granted Ghana political stability and economic growth.

Though he’s no longer alive, he will remain to be a popular figure in Ghana. More so as upcoming generations and aspiring leaders look up to him. There are a lot of virtues to pick from his style of ruling.



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