Ethiopians Celebrate St. Michael’s Anniversary, Praying for a Peaceful Vote


Election day is the most important day for any country. This is the moment that will determine the direction a country will go for the next five or ten years. Recently, Ethiopia has been preparing to hold its parliamentary election that will run from Mon, 21 Jun 2021 – Mon, 6 Sep 2021, and Ethiopians are praying for a peaceful vote ahead of Monday’s polls.

About the current Ethiopian leadership

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who came to power in 2018 as a result of anti-government protests, promised to hold Ethiopia’s most competitive elections yet. Monday will be his first electoral test since embarking on a series of democratic and economic reforms.

Brief description of Abiy Ahmed’s Economic Reforms

In June 2018, the ruling coalition declared its intention to pursue large-scale privatization of state-owned enterprises and the liberalization of several main economic sectors that had previously been considered off-limits. State monopolies in the telecommunications, electricity, aviation, and logistics sectors will be abolished, and these industries will be opened up to the private-sector competition.

Shares in state-owned firms in those sectors, including Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s biggest and most profitable, will be available for purchase to both foreign and domestic investors, though the government will retain a majority stake in these companies, retaining or keeping control of the economy’s commanding heights.

State-owned enterprises in less critical sectors, such as sugar, railways, industrial parks, hotels, and various manufacturing companies, maybe fully privatized. Abiy Ahmed declared the authorities’ intention to create an Ethiopian stock exchange in tandem with the privatization of state-owned firms in June 2018. Ethiopia was the globe’s biggest state without a stock exchange as of 2015, in terms of both population and Gross Domestic Product.

Ethiopians are praying for a peaceful vote

The procession, draped in sacred white cloth, moved silently towards a priest summoning the faithful ones to commemorate the Archangel Michael, a revered saint in the Ethiopian state. A congregation of worshippers gathered at a church this morning in Amhara, Ethiopia’s second-largest area, which is holding long-awaited polls on Monday. In the city of Bahir Dar, believers, some clutching children, others bent over with canes, prayed to St. Michael in a church with his name and topped with metal crosses and a soaring Ethiopian flag.

Huluager Kinde, a twenty-seven-year-old believer, said:

“Today is a fantastic day for us. In our faith, we pray to St. Michael to bring us peace and to protect us from evil. “

As he walked out of the church, Ebabu Tsega, his forehead marked with an ash cross, declared that the vote was very critical for the country.

“I’m very excited to go vote because I’ll be electing those who will represent and lead me,” said the twenty-nine-year-old elementary school teacher.

Gulilat Worku, another believer at the Bahir Dar church, expressed hope that voters would peacefully accept the outcome of the polls or election on Monday (21st June 2021).

“We pray that every Ethiopian participates in the polls, and accepts the outcome.” the thirty-four-year-old doctoral student said.




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