Nigeria President Hails Dangote’s $540,000 Donation

Nigeria President Hails Dangote's $540,000 Donation
Nigeria President Hails Dangote’s $540,000 Donation

Nigeria and the beginning of the world crisis

Coronavirus has become a world’s emergency according to the World Health Organization. Covid 19 was first announced in China, Wuhan where a lot of fatalities have taken place. A report shows that about 80 countries are affected by the disease. African countries have put strict measures, especially around airports. They are doing this to control the spread of the deadly virus. Cases have been confirmed in the countries of Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Senegal, and Nigeria. The African airlines have also postponed flight to and from China except for the Ethiopian airlines.

Nigeria’s Actions Towards Combating COVID19

Buhari, the president of Nigeria, recognizes a great donation from Dangote in preparation for fighting the disease.

“Hand in hand, standing shoulder to shoulder, we can confront our challenges as a country. This is a path for us all to follow as a people,” Buhari says

The authorities reported a case of an Italian man who arrived in Lagos. A portion of the money donated was used to promote the National Health Security since it was supposed to improve and support the facilities involved in the control of the virus.

The Democratic Republic Of Congo And Cameroon Case

In DRC, drastic measures were taken for Italy, France, Germany and China countries as its citizens traveling in the country would be quarantined.

However, this came with certain exceptions in those people who showed symptoms or not. Those people who tested negative were to self quarantine themselves for about two weeks whereas those with COVID 19 were to be transferred immediately to an isolation facility once they land in the country. In Cameroon, it recorded its second case of the virus.

Togo And Egypt Updates Concerning COVID 19

Togo records its first case of the virus, detected in a woman from Lome. She was isolated from the public and the search teams are tracing everyone who might have been in contact with her.

In Egypt, it has recorded 15 cases so far of which the first 12 cases were recorded from Egyptian employees who were on a cruise ship. A Taiwanese tourist was found to be the exact source of the spread and the suspects are quarantined since they tested positive for the COVID19.

Coronavirus Updates In Kenya

The health authorities in Kenya say that Mombasa, Kilifi, and Nairobi are the hotspots for the disease. The 2 coastal towns are in a more dangerous state since they are tourist attraction towns and tourists all over the world come for holidays. However, no recorded case has been received yet from the country.

South Africa And Algeria Recorded Cases

South Africa has reported one case and Algeria  17 cases are confirmed. The 9 new cases are said to be from one family that lives in the Bilda district. The family hosted a man with his daughter from France and they were tested positive for the disease later on.

Tunisia And Senegal

Senegal has recorded 4 cases so far. In Tunisia, the authorities have suspended and banned all the ferry services to the region of Northern Italy since it received its first case. Another sad case is that the foreign fans of football are not allowed to attend games with the local clubs.



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