Egypt unveils ancient tomb structure belonging to King Djoser


Egypt completed the development of the southern Tomb of King Djoser last week. It has taken almost 15 years since the renovation began in 2006. King Djoser was a pharaoh who had a a long lifespan years back before Christ. The site has had an extensive renovation in all the places.


The structure has labyrinth corridors. Across it’s decorated with modern carvings. It’s underground and people use ramps to get inside. It’s a lace everyone would admire to visit daily. You walk some meters before meeting the entry point to the specific central point. On the inside, it has a granite-clad sarcophagus, which is fetched at Egypt’s Third Dynasty.


Despite being called Southern Tomb of Djoser, the king was not buried there. He was taken to the Step pyramid which is just next to the south tomb. His body was reserved and people believe he is still there. The region has attracted millions of foreigners who earn’s the country foreign exchange.


He was buried in the oldest step pyramid, which is monumental architecture from the first Egyptian artists. It’s an ancient structure according to the statistics by UNESCO. History shows that the pyramid is the driver of the evolution of other pyramids like Giza.


Antiquities leader announced the opening and said the building is okay for tourist attractions. Refurbishment along the carvings has taken almost 5 years to complete. The walls are tiled all through with shaft light everywhere.


Secretary General, the Supreme Egypt Council of Antiquities got engaged in an interview with the journalist. He said the construction costed only 130 million Egyptian plans. This is approximately $8.3. But they are expecting the money to get the money back from the tourism industry within the coming 6 months. On Tuesday, the tomb was ready to accept any tourist who visits the nation.


Furthermore, the ministry of tourism earns more money from the Saqqara plateau. The region has 11 pyramids. Even the Step pyramid is located in Saqqara region. Egyptians believe it’s a fertile and blessed region. It has almost 300 tombs for ancient officials. Also some important sites have been installed in the region.


Saqqara is an ancient town in Memphis. It’s a necropolis of the Egyptian people. The region has found Pyramid of Giza as its most source of income in region. Some smaller pyramids for minor political leaders like Dashhur, Abu Rewash, and Abu Sir are well varnished.


Egypt has been at the forefront looking for their ancient archeological artifacts. They have been the key driver for attracting more tourists. Daily, the country pumps money into research to identify more artifacts. During the 2011 uprising, the country was badly affected by turmoil.


The nation also experienced a high number of covid-19 cases in 2020. This had a negative impact on the economy, specifically the terms industry. There was no movement from one place to another as countries suspended their flights. Also, the country was under lockdown hence no internal tourism. But the state has done many renovations and they are yearning to earn more income.



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