Drogba offers his Abidjan Clinic as a Coronavirus Screening Center.


Former Ivorian nationality and Chelsea superstar offered the government one of his private Clinics amid the corona pandemic. The news reached the public following a post on his page, ‘Fans de Didier Drogba. Therefore, the government will convert the clinic which is located in the city of Abidjan a screening center.

They branded the clinic, Laurant Pokou, a famous Ivorian footballer who succumbed in 2016.

Hospitals in Ivory Coast serve as centers to curb coronavirus.

The senior officer of Abidjan’s regional council used the opportunity to express his gratitude. He celebrated Drogba for emulating such a philanthropic act and thanked him for his patriotic gesture. It is not often that most successful men step up to help their countries during the crisis. For many of them always flee in search of suitable conditions.


He said that once the hospital starts to operate, it will aid in the fight against coronavirus. In Abidjan, around 13 hospitals will serve as centers to curb coronavirus. While they will also use 45 additional health facilities in the country.

The state of Coronavirus in the Ivory Coast.

Ivory Coast is among the African states hit by the virus. As of now, the country has confirmed 574 coronavirus cases. However, 85 people have recovered from the virus while five have died.

Drogba and several commentators hit back at two French scientists who suggest they use Africa as a vaccine testing ground.

Earlier, during a discussion on Wednesday about 19 coronavirus tests two be conducted in Europe and Australia, two French scientists proposed Africa as a good testing ground. They said Africans are exposed to risks since most of them even during the pandemic did not wear masks. They thought it was a good opportunity to use Africans to test if the BCG vaccine could curb coronavirus.


Since they applied the same approach while researching AIDS. They used prostitutes because they are exposed to the virus. Almost immediately their suggestions sent social media buzzing with commentators. People accused them of being racists.

Popular African footballer and former Chelsea player Drogba told them Africa wasn’t a testing lab. He twitted that he would like to vividly denounce the demeaning, false and most of all deeply racist remarks.


Oliver of France’s socialist party criticized the proposal saying Africans were not rats. He stated the suggestion wasn’t a provocation but rather racist.

The anti-racist group SOS also condemned the proposal and demanded they withdraw their remarks’. They said Africans were not guinea pigs.

WHO denounced the proposal and stated that they were not going to use Africa as a testing ground?

Drogba foundation plan to construct hospitals in the Ivory Coast.

Drogba has always desired to set up health facilities across cities in his country. Through his foundation, he managed to accomplish his desire. With the help of London galas and his contribution, he acquired enough funds to complete his project.

In 2009 he used the funds, about $4.5 million he collected from his endorsement contract with Pepsi. Currently, he has established health facilities in Abidjan, Man, Yamoussoukro, and San Pedro. The facilities are spread across the countries such that everyone can access good healthcare services.

Amongst other projects, he has also helped end civil war in the country. What more does a country require from such a saint?



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