Coronavirus: Ukraine Demonstrators Attack Chinese Evacuees


Coronavirus and the Violence at Novi Sanzhary

Recently, there has been an attack on Chinese citizens on a bus in the Poltava region. The bus was carrying some Ukrainians and foreigners who were coming from Wuhan. The city is famous as the source of coronavirus known as COVID19.

World’s Concern About COVID19

The new coronavirus is a world’s epidemic that requires much more attention. The World Health Organization refers to it as ‘world’s emergency.’ Over 20 countries around the world have cases concerning the disease having China as the lead.

Social Bother Brought Up because of The Deadly Disease

Fatal deaths have occurred since the emergence of this disease. 2247 cases of death have been reported so far. These cases, in comparison with Sars (774) and Mers (858), are considered much higher. On 13 February, there was an alert on the number of deaths that occurred. 

This misfortune happened due to a wider change in the administration of diagnosis. After all, after a dark tunnel, there is always light. After careful examination and change in the method of diagnosis, the number of deaths has gone down significantly.

Some people are stigmatized about the disease. The latest case in Ukraine just happened whereby Chinese migrants were attacked. The police came to the scene to calm down the activists.

President Zelensky is condemning the act and says that the Ukrainians should treat the victims with more love. 

Circulation of fake information has triggered the attack of the evacuees. A false email said that some of the evacuees had the virus.

Measures Taken To Control COVID19

The victims who suffered an attack in Ukraine earlier are isolated for two weeks in a health spa. Many countries are practicing this method of quarantining victims to avoid further spread.

WHO is strongly advocating people to observe hygienic methods to keep the disease at bay. Some of these hygienic measures include washing hands thoroughly. Apart from that, covering one’s mouth and nose while sneezing is effective in controlling the spread of the virus.

 The disease is believed to come from animals in China; hence people are encouraged to wear protective clothing wild handling farm animals and by cooking meat and eggs properly.

The Future of COVID19

The world has come together to fight the disease. Powerful counties such as the US and UK are among the countries involved in eradicating the new coronavirus.

Previous tests done show that there are still imperfections about them. Some tests carried out on patients infected prove that they are negative, but after some time, they suffer from the symptoms of the disease. These are headaches, fever, cough, muscle pain, and shortened breathe.

However, some patients are going through treatment, and there is much hope that they will be safe. In China, more masks are being requested for since one requires at least 4 in a day. The business sector will go through a slump period since several companies, roads, and airports are being closed down.

The government officials in Ukraine are supporting the Chinese victims and urge their people to be calm since they are trying their best to neutralize the situation.


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