Coronavirus Latest Updates and Statistics in African Continent


Coronavirus began in China, Wuhan in late last year and since then it has spread to hundreds of countries globally. The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus as a pandemic, and various countries are taking Draconian measures to contain the spread.

Despite other European countries experiencing high rates of infection, the African states have fewer cases of COVID-19. As of today, there are 27385 cases of coronavirus in Africa, over 1200 fatalities, 8172 recoveries, and 2 virus-free countries.

Beer Ban in Zimbabwe and Response to Coronavirus

Just as in SA, Zimbabwean authorities declared a ban on booze amid the lockdown to help control the spread of coronavirus. The citizens through social media expressed their anger towards the decision of banning beer.

However, the authorities gave exceptions towards the prohibition of beer, saying supermarkets and registered bottle stores may continue selling booze. Besides, Paul Nyathi gave warnings concerning people gathering around homes and drinking since people were to observe social distancing.

The African Union participants have been holding online conferences to discuss the way forward in fighting the coronavirus disease.

Donald Trump Extends Support To African Countries

Donald Trump, the leader of the US, spoke to SA’s and Kenya’s presidents, telling them that his country will continue supporting them during this time. Cyril Ramaphosa, the president of SA and current chair of AU, calls for the continent’s support in efforts of combating the virus.

The disease has affected South Africa the most, leading with 3953 cases and 75 deaths. Kenya has over 300 cases of coronavirus and 14 deaths.

Africa Experiences A Surge In COVID-19 Cases

Africa is a home of over 1 billion people and since coronavirus emerged in the continent, the cases of coronavirus have been increasing. The WHO warns African countries to be extra vigilant and ensure that the number of cases is declining soon to avoid more disaster.

Researchers confirm that the rate of testing and contact tracing in Africa is low, hence the number of cases might be higher. The World Health Organization further warns Africa that the virus might kill over 295000 people and put millions into poverty because of economic hardships.

At The End Of The Tunnel, Mauritania Sees Hope While Tanzania Doesn’t

Mauritania recorded its first index case at mid-March and since the authorities have been rolling out measures to contain the spread. The region still has very few cases of the virus and testing of patients is still ongoing.

Reports in Tanzania say that one of its MPs has the coronavirus infection, and the government postpones all parliamentary sessions. Cases of coronavirus in Tanzania are over 250 and 10 fatalities as of Tuesday.

Madagascar Declares COVID-19 Treatment

Scientists all over the world are working hard to come up with a coronavirus vaccine or a specific treatment. In Madagascar, authorities announce the introduction of traditional medicine for the virus.

Andry Rajoelina says the treatment is known as covid-organics and is just an improvement of customary treatment. It comprises Artemisia and medicinal herbs. The country has 121 cases of coronavirus and no fatalities recorded so far.



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