Coronavirus At The Verge Of Becoming A Pandemic

Coronavirus At The Verge Of Becoming A Pandemic
Coronavirus At The Verge Of Becoming A Pandemic

The world faces great effects and distresses brought about by coronavirus. New cases are on the table proving an increase of deaths. Scientists are arguing and say that the disease is at its first stage of pandemic. Due to the increase in the spread of the disease, people all around are saying that this disease is a pandemic to the globe.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the chief of WHO, says that the disease is potentially a pandemic but they cannot refer to it as yet a pandemic. He says the disease is still containable in various parts of the world however, countries need to be on the lookout for the disease.

What Is A Pandemic? 

About a BBC article, a pandemic is an infectious disease that threatens a lot of people all over the world. Swine flu was pandemic in 2009 since it killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Current Countries Affected By Coronavirus

There are more cases reported on COVID19 in the countries of South Korea, Italy and Iran at an alarming concern. China being its source, it has the most infections where more than 2500 are dead.

In Italy, four more deaths occurred raising its number to a total of seven people. Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain reported its very first cases on 24th February. The patient infected in Bahrain was a school driver and this caused anxiety among many schools leading to their closure.

In Italy, the minister of sports says that the football matches planned initially will be played behind locked doors to prevent players from being infected.

South Korea has the largest number of infected people. Reports say the cases filed are more than 830 but at least 8 are dead. 11 more people who are military were infected and many troops are put at isolation to control the spread.

Iraq and Afghanistan countries do not have good health care facilities leaving them affected the most especially with the few doctors in the country.

Iran’s Controversial Number Of Cases Reported And The Deputy Health Minister Tests Positive For The Disease.

Recently there has been an arising issue concerning the right number of cases that are in the country. A member of parliament claims that the government is hiding the correct figures of people infected with the deadly virus. Iraj Harchichi,the deputy health minister, denied the claims and as of now he has the disease and is undergoing treatment.

Despite Qom being a hotspot for the virus spread, the Iranians are against the method of quarantine to curb the spread and say the method is old fashioned. WHO plans to visit Iran in a rather but technical mission. World Health Organization promises the country that in the next two days, they will supply additional testing kits and medical supplies to it.

What Is Next For COVID19?

As the disease continues to spread worldwide, everybody is hoping that its vaccine and the right treatment will be available soon. China has also put a strict measure towards controlling the spread of corona by banning the act of eating wild animals as source of food.



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