Australia PM Praises Heroic Cop for Actions in Sydney Attack

Australia PM Praises Heroic Cop for Actions in Sydney Attack
Mass casualty attacks are rare in Australia and the events in Bondi Junction have shocked the nation

Australia PM Praises Heroic Cop for Actions in Sydney Attack

  • Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese praised Inspector Amy Scott as a hero for her brave actions in confronting and ultimately shooting dead the attacker, Joel Cauchi.
  • Insp Scott tracked Cauchi through the shopping center, challenged him, and when he raised his knife towards her, she discharged her firearm, preventing further harm and potentially saving lives.
  • The quick and courageous response of Insp Scott has been credited with averting further casualties during the rampage.
  • Witnesses described the tense moment when Insp. Scott confronted the knifeman and intervened to stop the attack.

Family’s Response:

  • Joel Cauchi’s family expressed no issues with Insp Scott, acknowledging that she was doing her job to protect others.
  • They described Cauchi’s actions as horrific and mentioned his longstanding battle with mental health issues.

Casualties and Injuries:

  • The attack resulted in the deaths of six individuals, including Ashlee Good, who was among those killed. Her nine-month-old daughter underwent surgery following the incident.
  • Twelve others, including the nine-month-old girl, were treated in the hospital for injuries sustained during the attack.

Community Response:

  • The incident has shocked the nation, as mass casualty attacks are rare in Australia.
  • The response from everyday Australians, who rushed to help victims and confront the attacker, has been hailed as a testament to their bravery and humanity.


  • Authorities are still investigating Joel Cauchi’s motives but have confirmed his history of mental health problems.
  • The attack occurred in Bondi Junction, a bustling shopping district near the iconic beachside suburb of Bondi, on a busy Saturday.

The events in Bondi Junction have profoundly impacted the community, highlighting the bravery of law enforcement officers like Insp. Amy Scott and the resilience of ordinary citizens in the face of tragedy.


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