Astronomers want public funds for intelligent life search.


Head of U.S. A National observatories demand public support

Dr. Anthony Beasley, head of U.S. A National Observatories, pledged to the government to engage serious measures to support astronomers on their theoretical analysis. The later hypothesized the existence of extraterrestrial beings in space.

This follows the previous flout by the government on Seti data. As a result, Seti seeks patronage from the government to avail of adequate funds. With the help of the state at the taxpayers’ expense, the public could finance the investigations following the existence of the alleged beings. Though no evidence yet, astronomers such as Helen Bailey firmly remain optimistic that aliens exist. Some have even concluded that the extreme climate conditions might be because of the alien’s interference with the universe.

Astronomers attempt to continue with the alien hunt

Seti research Centre for quite some time has invested its Synergy in conducting researches on the Breakthrough Listen project. They planned this program in January 2016 with the initiative to research on intelligent extraterrestrial communication. For instance, following the first interstellar object, i.e., the asteroid that was observed oscillating in our solar system. The asteroid is predominantly known as Oumuamua. The spotting of this mysterious object led to lots of theories on the existence of aliens.

Some scientists even stated that the asteroid might have been a remnant of the spacecraft. The aliens used these spacecraft. Therefore, because of the second interstellar object, comet Borisov, astronomers remain vigilant to reveal that aliens exist. 

The Big Belief

The astronauts, however, believe that with well-advanced equipment they stand a chance to reveal the extraterrestrials.

The Breakthrough Listen has partnered with South Africa and has consented to recuperate their space equipment. They have resolved to the installation of techno signature hunting bears on National Radio Astronomy Observatory dishes.

These techno signatures function on the ability to distinguish artificial technology in space. With this digital technology, scientists are confident that these advancements are likely to provide adequate data that will efficiently provide enough evidence considered to the prior speculations.

Matt Lebofsky, the chairman of the Breakthrough Listen, remains enthusiastic that these new advancements adopted will undoubtedly provide answers to the unveiling phenomena. Very Large Array Observatory action in modern Mexico disclosed they would join in the hunting expedition. With such collaboration, chances of tracking down the intelligent existence are 100%.

Failure attributed to neglect by the government

The government has been reluctant in the past to explore the current phenomenon due to assumptions it was a waste of resources. Back then, NASA’s attempt to support the expeditions came to a halt following legislation to pull out the funding. At no point has Seti been publicly funded, while researches on simple chemical organisms have been tremendously funded and received more than enough support from the government.

The discovery of up to 4000 planets, scientists believe that there is a possibility of an extraterrestrial civilization. Thus, it is about time humans unveil answers these hilarious theorems. Such that it regards them as the most profound discovery creatures.