Amina Mohamed Abdi; the Courageous Lawmaker


Amina’s political career kicked off in 2012 when she decided to vie for a parliamentary seat in Somalia. The courageous lawmaker said that this decision did not spark much joy in her family and her community at large. Elders from her clan (Hawiye) denounced her. Some even asked her whether she wanted to become a prostitute. Such controversies are common in countries like Somalia, where women do not stand a chance in male-dominated fields. And it is because of such stereotypic mindsets that such communities are lagging in developments.

Amina Struggles to Achieve her Dream

During an interview with Reuters, Amina narrated how her family and clan rebuked her. Making such a bold decision and getting zero support must have been a tough time for Amina. She even said that her family told her that she could never represent her clan because of her gender. But being a badass, she defended herself and stated that the clan did not only consist of men. Hence women also had a role to play.

After months of the campaign, she secured herself an open seat in Hiran, a region in the northern part of Mogadishu. Currently, at 32 years, Amina has earned a reputation as one of the government’s most vocal and courageous personalities. She is the only woman contesting against six male rivals to secure herself a third term in the government.  Amina is optimistic that the people will vote in her favor come elections, scheduled for next month.

What Inspired Her Ambition?

Growing up in a violence-prone country was never the best experience for Amina. She narrates that civil war has dominated her country since 1992 and always inspired her to enter politics and help rebuild her country. At one point, Amina recalls coming home from school to find her house empty and family is gone. At that time, she was only eight years of age. The sound of gunshots and landing mortar shells scared her. But fortunately, no harm came to her.

She became a member of the opposition Union and Peace for Development party and women representative in the 275 seat legislative. Amina also received mentorship from his uncle, who was also a parliamentarian.

Amina states that contributing peace and order is one of her key objectives in the Somalian government. I.e., especially as during her early age, Somalia was shuttered in lawlessness. She wants the younger generations to live in a violence-free country with adequate security, clean water, and quality education.

” I was brought up in a country when there was no government. Our children must have a government to get the basic rights: security, clean water, and quality education, ” she said.


Corrupt Government

Abdi has condemned the Somalian government couple of times for being corrupt and inconsiderate. Most of Amina’s objectives have not come to pass because the sovereign authority has proved insubordinate. The government has occasionally denied corruption Allegations from Mrs. Abdi and assured its nationalities to deliver the best in the future.

In December, parliamentary elections in Somalia were delayed as the opposition accused the incumbent President, Mohamed Abdullahi, of filling the electoral board with his supporters. This delay sparked a demonstration in Mogadishu.

Because of Amina’s transparency and openness, she has won the hearts of many. Mr. Hussein, a Civilians in Mogadishu, celebrates Amina for her traits and openly admits his liking for her despite him not coming from her state.  Many regard Amina as a role model.





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