Amazing Tricks to Video Chat Without Embarrassments

Amazing Tricks to Video Chat Without Embarrassments

Following the need to impose the lockdown policy, to curb the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, many people are using video chats to communicate with friends. The commonly used services include Face Time, Duo, Slack, Zoom as well as Hangouts. It is wise to observe the necessary etiquette while video chatting. Ensure you follow a few beneficial guidelines so that you do not get embarrassed. Here are some of them.

Ensure you look directly at the camera.

When talking to someone in a video call, it is not necessary to maintain an eye to eye contact, but looking straight to the camera feels more personal. It is recommendable to see either half of the person you are speaking to or else the forehead. Many of the applications that allow video calls have a tiny window that shows your face or body; do not shy off have a glimpse at it.

It not necessary for you to shout

The phones, computers as well as webcams we use today features decent microphones as are manufactured in high-level technology. If your gadget has no physical or software problems, you will notice that it is usually excellent in picking up voice. In other words, you don’t have to yell when video chatting for the other person to hear you. Use the normal voice as long as there is no distracting noise from the environment. For instance, some modern devices, including Apple’s new Mac Book Pro, features quality microphones for excellent sound clarity. Do not stress yourself to shout as it does not add up.

Mute unless you are talking

Probably, this is rule number one for video chats. For instance, if you are talking to more than one person, it is crucial to mute yourself whenever you are not talking. That way, you will not interrupt the conversation. Besides, if your kid is talkative, doorbell rings, or even the dog barks often, it is wise to mute for efficiency. Although these things do happen, it is necessary to avoid them as they cause a lot of disturbance and discomfort during a call. Several applications feature a small icon to indicate a muted microphone, so you should be familiar with how it operates before going for a call. Furthermore, you can zoom in to get prolific settings for muting the microphone by default.

Be attentive to the lighting.

Sometime you may be making a video call in a gloomy place, especially at night. For you to look better, it is recommendable you add some lighting to appear more transparent.  Consider using a desk lamp, point it towards your face as you chat, or grab a Lume cube to add brightness. It is advisable not to put the light behind you as it will look as if you are speaking from the shadows.


Following the directory from the government that we should stay at home, take the chance to communicate with your friends.  Do not remain under lockdown and, at the same time, bored or lonely. Enjoy video call services with the above guidelines; am confident you will as I use them every day.



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