A Michigan Woman says a passenger assaulted her as she slept on a Spirit Airlines Flight.

Morning of assault in the Airlines

A Michigan woman, Tia Jackson, made alleged accusations of sexual assault as she was flying from Atlanta to Detroit on Tuesday morning. This happened just before the plane landed. The western woman aged 22 years sat between her friend and a man who sat next to the aisle. The lady claimed that she confronted the man when she was awoken by important contact between him and her. She claimed the man was touching her and pleasuring himself at the same time. After having concealed his creepy, pervy acts with his winter coat. She described the encounter as disgusting for the man’s hands were in her pants, caressing her ass and thigh. This happened in one of the Spirit airlines. 

“He had taken his coat off,” Jackson told the outlet.

“I thought he had his coat on him to cover him because he was cold. But he had it over him to hide that he was trying to touch me while he was also touching himself.”

Tia reported to CNN that upon realizing, she immediately alarmed the airline crew by pressing on the help button. Still, instead, she received unexpected treatment, for she was asked by the flight attendant to occupy another seat if she was uncomfortable. An act which she felt was unjust as it was like she was being rebuked for causing an unnecessary scene in the plane. She was therefore forced to retain her seat as the plane was about to land.

Urge to get justice

As soon as the plane landed, Tia narrated her encounter with the pilot. The pilot, in turn, told her to inform the gate agent. However, she decided to report to the Detroit metropolitan police at the airport after she felt ignored and mishandled by the spirit airline officials. In defense spirit airline claimed to have offered immediate assistance to Tia by asking her to move to another seat.

 “Our flight attendants on board that flight learned of the alleged incident 18 minutes before landing when the guest pressed the call button and received immediate attention, “said the airline.

The airline further stated that it was mandatory to remain seated as the plane was to land; hence Tia had to retain her seat as she refused to occupy another one. However. With the help of law enforcement who have not hesitated in conducting an investigation, Tia is ascertained that she will be granted justice.  She is committed to bringing down such acts.

Disappointment from the airlineS

Tia is, however, disappointed in the Spirit airline. Having been a victim of sexual assault, she did not anticipate it happening again especially in a plane and as a result was self-driven to report the man to higher authority to help fight such inhumane acts. She more so strongly rebukes the airline crew for withstanding such behaviors and not taking immediate measures. Tia views the airline as persons encouraging such uncouth actions.

“They let him and any potential witnesses leave,” stated Jackson.


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