3 Best Online Jobs for Students and Tips to get you Started


As a college student, getting to campus and other higher learning institutions should an opener to your own world where you look for extra pocket money for your personal needs. It is the time that you look for some part-time jobs that will make you financially independent. And give your parents a break for providing everything you need to survive at college. Today, with the high advancement of technology. And internet access, finding online jobs is easy and with skills, you can start making good dollars with your computer.

There are thousands of jobs you can do online while having a comfortable schedule with your classes. Balancing effectively your studies, work, and social life at the campus. You are advantaged as you can use your skills from your freelance jobs in your career and excel in both ways.

If you are wondering how to get started. It is simple. All you need is a good working computer and stable internet and you are ready. In this article, I will show you the top three and hot freelancing jobs you can start and earn good money. They are interesting and at no point in life you will say of “aarrgh this job is hard to lemme try something else”. And the other most interesting side is that you will finance almost everything you need. Sounds good, right? Let’s get started!

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Freelance Writing 

Were you too good at high school composition or those writing tests and could beat everyone at the test? This is the right time to put your skills into a test and make money out of it.

I will give you a short story of myself: I started Freelance writing in my second year in college when I realized I had some excellent copywriting skills. And with a passion to advance, I wrote my first article job at Upwork.com for a client and BOOOM! I made $50 (Ksh. 5000) easy and in just 3 hours working on my laptop. And since that day, writing is everything for me.

Freelance writing is an interesting job you can start and make money. You can do copywriting, content writing, content management, academic writing, or some other writing-related jobs. It is easy more so if you specialized in a niche you are sure you can give your clients pure gold for quality delivery. And as an experienced writer, when you give clients quality work, you will never lack jobs in queues waiting for you. The idea is to deliver top-notch work.


To start off you might need to do a few writing topics to showcase to your potential clients. And build a portfolio that highlights your potential skills.

The best idea would be to start a personal blog. With a personal blog, you can post your articles and later use them to pitch clients whenever you send proposals.

When you have already established yourself, you can consider sign up in writing platforms online, for example Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, WriterAccess that provide writing gigs.

Freelance Editor

Freelance editor, in a way is similar to freelance writing as you get to work on already written content. You simple need to revise someone’s work, edit for grammar problems, punctuation, formatting to make it look good.

In this niche if you are English native speaker, this job can earn you $$$ much, just in few hours. Most companies prefer native speakers to edit content written by non-native speakers to eliminate errors. So that is where you come in. And you got to set your own prices to do such kind of work and get paid handsomely. This is an interesting job you can start at college and master it and still earn from it later in life.


Why not apply for the position of a campus newspaper editor to horn your skills? There you can get good guidance and ideas to go about it which will later make your work easier.

Take your friend’s work assignment or articles and edit them to be smooth and faultless. In the process, you will be even smatter and emerge as the best editor.

Make friends with editors you know around and ask them how to go about the job. Where to look for opportunities. Always learn something new from them.

 Voiceover Artist

It is very simple to know if you can make a good voiceover creator at school. For example during those class hours presentation, when you have a lot of fans who enjoy your reading and presentation. Means your voice is great! If you have received countless compliments from your girlfriend and ladies around you, another thumbs up! You can try it and trust me everyone will always be your follower to listen to what you say. And in the process, you can have connections to jobs which require voiceover artists and make good money.

Despite we do everything with computers, it cannot do a voiceover and therefore companies will always look for you to perform a gig. You can be the voice behind a commercial, website promotions, offer a guide on how to use a tool, and make your way through.


Once you have the skill make use of online platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and look for voiceover gigs.

Have a good set up studio with high-quality equipment to create high-quality audio content that will sell you out to the potential customers.

Make use of YouTube and create your own channel to provide reviews, how to use electronics that has a lot of fans and in the process earn from your channel.


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