Why you should visit Nairobi once in your lifetime.


Kenya is one of the famous safari destinations in Africa. A magnificent country located in the east of Africa. It is exceptionally diverse, with extraordinary wildlife and incredible nature. You will have memories to cherish for the rest of your life if you visit this country—for example, fantastic wildlife, excellent food, and mesmerizing landscapes. The article gives you some of the reasons why a visit to this country is a must. Also, it will provide you tips that you should know before you decide on making your trip.


Five Reasons why you should visit Kenya.

You will enjoy your visit to Kenya if you prioritize one of the following;

To relax in The Pristine, Sandy Beaches


Kenya has lovely pristine beaches. The beaches are excellent if you want to have an evening stroll. Also, they are perfect for watching the sun rising and the sun setting and sunbath during the day. Some of the best beaches you can visit are in Mombasa, Lamu, Diani, and Malindi. They are also useful when it comes to water sports.


To see the big five.


Just like other destinations in Africa, Kenya allows seeing the big five animals. They are in all national parks. It also gives you an opportunity to see other animals like zebras, giraffes, gazelles, and also antelopes. There also a variety of conservation like Ol Pejeta.


Experience the historical locations and Amazing Museums


According to the research, Kenya has six world heritage sites. Among them are the most beautiful historical places in the world. Sites like port Jesus, the Gedi Ruins, and the Lamu Old Town. Museums are also there and will help you learn more about the country’s history and culture. 


Mountains and valley hikes


As earlier mentioned, Kenya has lots of landscapes to explore. Aberdare ranges, the Ngare Ndare, where you can even go camping, hiking, and driving. On that list, make sure you don’t miss out on Menengai creator, the rift valley escarpments, and Mount Kenya.


Wilde beast migration


This is one reason for a visit to Kenya. It happens annually. Around two hundred and twenty-five thousand wildebeest migrates from Kenya to Tanzania to look for water and food. It’s a beautiful event. 


Three Tips Before Planning Your Trip to Kenya:




If you are coming to Kenya, a passport and a visa is a must before entering the country. There are three types of visas available, according to evisa-kenya.com experts. There are transit visa, courtesy visa, and single entry visa. The permit should be applied three months before making your trip. 


Required Vaccinations


If you intend to make a safari trip during your visit, there’s a need to protect yourself by having some vaccinations like yellow fever. The vaccination certificate expires ten days after the injection. There is a recommendation for you to have vaccines for hepatitis A and B.


Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not a must. However, it’s good to have it in case you meet a problem, and you want to be covered. Various packages are there. You only need to take what is suitable for your ternary and needs.



As the article has explained, there were these and many more reasons to visit Kenya. Hence, don’t waste more time. Start planning for your next trip to Kenya, Africa.




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