7 Things to Consider Before You Travel to Africa


Travel to Africa, ‘the land of plenty’ as most like to refer to it. The second largest continent in the world with a lot of untapped potential. Everything in this green continent is simply limitless. To some point our problems are too, but isn’t the condition similar everywhere else? We just have a little bit more of it. Nevertheless, Africa is a happy place to be. Other than the time to time conflicts, it can also be a haven of peace. In Africa, everyone is family, even those who aren’t really. You know the kind of feeling you experience when you are on a family vacation? Now imagine feeling the exact same way every day, everywhere and with everyone. Here every day is a ‘holiday’, this is Africa.

Sometimes, likely on a boring cold day. Those weekends you stay home alone wrapped under your blanket wishing you would be some place warmer. You start thinking, if you had an opportunity start a fresh somewhere else, where would it be? Then you are lucky you came across this article. Make a plan and travel to Africa . You can now start practicing that hobby you keep mentioning in your resume. swimming under the warm sun rays. Isn’t it just wonderful? just the thought of it gives me goosebumps due to excitement. As fun as Africa might be there are important aspects that you should consider before embarking on your journey to ‘the land of plenty’

Travel to Africa in style!

When you travel to Africa you will interact with warm weather and hospitable people. Apart from the good weather, the outgoing and cordial nature of the African people, there are other important factors that you need to consider before travelling to Africa. Some the things to consider are:

Double Check Your Passport

It is very important for you to double check your passport. Double checking your passport early enough will help you determine any changes you’ll need to make. You do not want to travel to a foreign land with errors on your documents. You might end up a little frustrated instead of enjoying your trip.

Take The Necessary Vaccination and Medicines

Taking vaccinations is very important. Vaccinations on diseases such as Yellow Fever, Malaria prophylaxis for example Malarone are very essential and important. In case you have allergies and other diseases that need special attention, remember to bring your medications with you.

Carry Appropriate Clothing

Africa is a tropical continent. It is very hot and humid during some periods of the year. Do not carry a lot of turtle necks to a vacation in Africa because you might never wear them. Prioritize on lighter clothes and all weather clothes. You can carry enough body suits because trust you me, you will need that swim. Above all, do not forget to carry some sunscreen cream or you might just ‘melt’ under the African sun.

Learn at Least Two Languages

In Africa, people are very diverse in terms of language. Learning some French or Portuguese could be very useful. You never know what language you might need to speak for effective communication. You sure do not want to miss out on all the fun due to language barrier in the absence of an interpreter.

Carry Enough Cash and Appropriate Credit Cards

Being in a foreign land you are advised to carry a little extra cash. Travelling is safer when you bring a little more that is needed for just the trip. This is important as it is an act of precaution in case of anything you might come across.

Bring a Camera

Africa is a very beautiful continent; you might want to capture the moments. A few years later, you might need some pictures to prove to your grandkids that you were very fun when you were young. What better way to do that other than by the use of pictures?

Be Modest

Africans can be a little too harsh. Most African cultures uphold different moral values. This depends on their lifestyle, religion and other factors. You should consider modesty in order to be able to ‘fit in’ with their way of life. You don’t want to look rude to very friendly people


Its wonderful to spend your holiday in Africa; you will absolutely love the people, animals, places to caption your best moments during your holidays.



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