Africa’s Awesome Travel Destinations for your Summer Holidays

There is no doubt the best travel destinations are in Africa. The crystal blue beaches, wealth culture, majestic wildlife, as well as a rich history, are but a few things you can enjoy. According to the UN tourism organization report, 2014, shows that Africa had an increase in tourism by 2%. The estimated revenue was $36b from$1b in 2013.

Most arrivals are usually witnessed in sub-Saharan Africa. The main reason for these arrivals is for leisure. Many visitors came from Europe, Asia, and North America. Ebola outbreak and geopolitical conflicts were the reasons why the turnout was low. The article will be explaining the best countries you can consider when planning your next adventure in Africa.

  1. Travel Destinations in Morocco

The country is located in the north of Africa. There is very much it has to offer. Snowy mountains, bustling cities, seaside villages, among others. It has a mixture of cultures; Arabic, European Berber influence in every corner of the country. You will also find different delicious Moroccan cuisines. Tagine dishes are said to be the foods for the gods.
UNESCO world heritage site is found at Ait Benhaddou. You can experience pre Saharan life in which houses have unique structures — another must-see for history buffs. You should also make sure you visit the Djemma Al Fna. It is in Marrakesh’s Medina quarter. Here, you will get to find everything from artworks to fashion. If you love music, there is the Fes Festival of world sacre Music.

Visitors from the European Union are given priority from visa exemption. The other nationals are required to have a visa for them to enter the country. You can get from the Moroccan embassy in your country.

  1. Zanzibar

This is one of the best, paradises like an island in Africa. There is excellent food as well as crystal clear waters. The Zanzibar ocean panorama hotel is popular for its accommodation options on the island.

Ten kilometres away, there is Pemba Island, which receives few visitors, unlike Zanzibar Island hence making it an ideal for relaxing getaway.

  1. Kenya

For your family travel destinations, beach holidays and safaris, Kenya is the place. The best time you can visit is between October and March. For the wellness retreat, Lamu is the best. Here you will enjoy stunning beaches, relaxed atmosphere, and also yoga retreats. You get to the island through a dhow ferry from the Manda Island.

At Watamu and Malindi, you get to explore the diverse marine life that is nestled in a coral reef. At Lake Nakuru, you can enjoy bird watching. The Amboseli national park for wildlife experience and those in love with the culture. And gee ruins in Watamu will perfectly caption their best moments in Kenya!

You can get your visa ready via online.  If you re from South Africa, Mauritius, Zambia, and Ghana entry are free for the first thirty days. If you need more details about Kenya and tourism, you can check online on the tourism Kenya website.

  1. Lesotho

For nature retreat destinations, Lesotho is the ideal destinations. There are Maloti Mountains for best wildlife.  During the winter season, you can enjoy the skipping trip. Reserves and parks are the main attractions sites. There is Sani Pass, which is a world heritage site. It on the escarpment of the Drakensberg, which is between South Africa and Lesotho.

If you are from; Fiji. Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, USA, UK, Canada, Swaziland, Austria, Sri Lanka, you don’t require to have a visa.

  1. Rwanda

The mountainous landscapes in Rwanda are breathtaking.  Here, you fin mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. You will also get to enjoy a variety of flora. There are excellent water activities too that you can enjoy at Lake Kivu. Here you find activities like fishing, kayaking, and boat tours.

For visas, you can purchase at $30 and also find them at the Rwandan embassy in your respective country.

Africa has the richest culture worldwide. The animals and birds, many awesome places to visit at relatively low cost of budget. It is only in Africa where you will receive warm welcoming by audience who will make your summer holiday lovely!

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