Why Does Russia Have Fewer Coronavirus Cases Than Luxembourg?

Why Does Russia, Population 146 million, Have Fewer Coronavirus Cases Than Luxembourg?

What did Vladimir Putin say Concerning The Situation coronavirus in The Country?

Reports about the globe question why the Russian country records low cases of coronavirus compared to other countries, despite its large population.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, says that the state could manage the stop of the coronavirus spread and the situation at hand is manageable.

He says that the country was extra vigilant and because of the early and aggressive measures such as shutting down the long border with China and quarantining zones helped control the spread.

However, the question remains, why the cases on the record are low in Russian despite sharing a long border with China?

The first case was in January in Moscow. The patient is known as David Berov and he says on social media, his 2nd test was negative whereas the 1st and 3rd proved to be positive. So far, less than 500 people in the region have the virus.

In contrast with Luxembourg, a small European country surrounded by France, Germany, and Belgium, has more cases. The country has over 628000 people with a record of 670 cases and the death toll at 8.

The Testing Situation of coronavirus.

Dr. Melita Vujnovic, World Health Organization representative in Russia, says that the country started rampant tests immediately at the end of the first month this year. Melita added that early identification of cases, self-isolation, tracing contacts faster and social distancing as WHO proposes helped the state contain the spread.

“Testing and identification of cases, tracing contacts, isolation, these are all measures that WHO proposes and recommends, and they were in place all the time,” she says. “And the social distancing is the second component that also started relatively early.”

Russia also carries tests at airports focusing on people from China, Iran, and South Korea. Most cases are from Italy, the country hit hard outside China.

Public Skepticism In The Country.

The population in the country lives in doubt since they don’t know who has or has not the virus. The challenge of misinformation is also on however the people in charge counter the issue.

Early this month, there was a case of Russia not reporting the exact number of cases. A post was going around saying the true number of cases is about 20000 and the government is folding the story. The Russian Federal Security Service destroyed the post that was circulating.

The doubts also increase because of reports of lacking protective equipment and questions raised concerning the reliability of the country’s testing system.

Accusations On The Russian Government Not Reporting The Exact Number Of Cases.

Anastasiya Vasilyeva, the leader of the Alliance of Doctors Union, says people in charge are hiding the true numbers by using pneumonia cases as a finding. However, the state health bosses denied the allegation.

Putin defended the authorities by saying that they were not hiding anything. He adds on by saying they may not have full information since people cannot report and some do not know if they are unwell.

The country is still doing fine and Rospotrebnadzor, a consumer watchdog website, gave out several 36540 people under monitorization. The government puts on more measures to control the spread of the disease by canceling social gatherings.



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