United Nations Calls for Peace Talks Amid Political Crises in Libya


Civil war is something that has been on in Libya for about 6 years. The rivalry between the UN-recognized Government of National Accord and the Libyan Army commanded by Haftar has caused a mutiny. For quite some time, the United Nations has been concerned about the political crises in Libya. Mostly they are worried as foreign states are taking sides, hence encouraging the two governments to stay rivals. However, these other nations are in support as they have their best interests at heart.

For instance, the official Ankara has remained loyal, facilitating Libya with sophisticated weapons to aid in their fight against the Libyan National Army. In their last war with LNA, GNA emerged victorious as it had support from Turkey. The latter had sent them drones, air defense, government officials, etc.

Turkey has partnered with GNA as they rely on them for protection from Greece and Cypress. Turkey depends on the oil and gas in international waters. Hence they rely on protection from GNA since Greece and Cypress could limit it from accessing the water. Due to this deal, Turkey has remained in support of the Muslim brotherhood. Hence its embroided in regional rivalries with UEA, SA, and Russia as they are supporters of LNA.

With help from Turkey, GNA emerged victorious during its latest attack. Since Haftar’s forces suffered more defeats, they had to retreat from the cities they initially captured.

How The Conflicts Contribute to Instability

Meanwhile, these conflicts have impacted Libya, especially at a time like this.corona is taking atoll in most parts of the country making it hard for the health officers to contain the virus. Amid the acute shortage of testing kits in the country, the Coronavirus is likely to be higher.

Almost 30000 people in Libya have fled their homes due to the continued violence in the country. For instance, in Tripoli southern suburbs, about 400000 people live as refugees. Between April and June this year, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya reported 356 casualties of war. According to the report, 102 civilians were dead while 254 sustained injuries.

United Nations Advocates for Peace

Instability in east and western Libya has gotten the attention of the UN. They have promised to work with the country before the situation worsens. During a briefing on Wednesday, the chief of the United Nations described the situation in Libya as deteriorating. He urged the international community to seize every opportunity to manage the crises.

Stephanie Williams, the acting UN special envoy urged the people to put Libya first. She also stated that anyone who would be participating in the dialogue was to be a ninth member of politics. Stephanie Williams, the acting UN Special Envoy for Libya stated:

“I make it a condition for anyone to participate in this dialogue that they remove themselves from consideration in prominent government positions. That includes the presidency council, the Prime Minister, ministries, and various positions of sovereignty. We want to see people are not there for their political career but their country.”

The government of Libya needs to strengthen its capacity to solve the differences in the country and even combat COVID-19.



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