UN Urges Somalia to Decide on Elections Quickly


Somalia leaders have off late been demonstrating a state of disagreement following the incoming pending elections.  Dating back to the September 2020 new accord for elections, Jubaland and Puntland disagreed on the new sanctions. Hence, the delays in conducting the elections. UN envoy to Somalia, James Swan, has been resolving the issue. February 8th was the agreed-upon election date. A date that mandates the current president, Mohammed Abdullahi Mohamed, to transfer his powers to the next immediately. However, due to the delay, Mohammed continues to hold the position. A move that has angered the opposition leaders and urged the President, by the nickname, Farmaajo, to step down. Consequently, a politically unstable country enacts following the leader`s disagreements.

Somalia elections crisis

Following the end of the current presidency on 8th February, Somalia leaders seek new leadership. Especially from the opposing political leaders. As much as they want the president to step down, the September agreement allows the current government to continue. This is up until the country implements the elections in the country and usher in new governance. Of which, Mohamed is further seeking another four-year term.

As a result, during a Saturday virtual briefing, Swan calls for the Somalia leaders to put their differences aside and act in the people’s interest. This means finding means to implement the September agreement now that everyone, including Jubaland and Puntland, is on board. From Swan`s point of view, the discussions were futile. Further talks are due to resume on February 15th.

Insurgence at peak

The al-Shabaab, have since made moves during this political crisis. The group earlier stated to disrupt any attempts of elections in the country. On Friday, the group shared a documentary series accusing the current government of corruption. The attacks extend to the city holding the elections site. There were no casualties; however, four attackers died and two under detention.

Foreign Aid

Mid-January, the US withdrew 700 of its military personnel from the state. The African Union, as well as on the mission of removing close to 20,000 African Union Force. A move that Somalia fears will increase the risk of insurgence in the country. But first things first, political stability needs to be set up to help fight the terrorist attacks.



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