Two Primary Wins Giving Joe Biden Commanding Edge in US Democratic Race

Two Primary Wins Giving Joe Biden Commanding Edge in US Democratic Race
Two Primary Wins Giving Joe Biden Commanding Edge in US Democratic Race

One of the main motivations for voters in the coming presidential election campaigns is the commitment to find a candidate who will defeat the current US President Donald Trump. As per the news, it seems they have succeeded in getting Joe Biden as the along waited candidate. On Tuesday, a great turn out of Democratic voters from the six states drove to the polling station.

According to reporters, they have only one agenda, to clear up the air on who will go against the current United States president, Donald Trump, in the November elections. The citizens have two candidates, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Voters are opting for Joe Biden, and that has raised doubts as to whether Bernie will quit the campaigns. Here are cases that put Joe in a more responsible position.

The Michigan turn-out

In Tuesday’s campaign, Biden won the pledged delegates. As per reports before the vote, he had led by 625-545 votes. Biden managed a total nomination vote of one thousand, nine hundred and ninety-one. Linda Sarsour, one of Sanders’s supporters, says that as per the clerk’s office, the community turn-out in Michigan was a bit elevated than they expected.


Michigan is one of the cities in the United States with large numbers of Muslims. On Tuesday, many people came to vote for the candidates as long lines were evident at the town clerk’s office. Reports say this was the first time in history voters were allowed to register in large numbers, with the office not prepared for such figures.

The union vote impact

Notably, on Tuesday, several Union members of the Michigan Democratic base turned out to vote for Biden. In addition, the very same day, the hospitality union received calls from Detroit headquarters; pushing to get at least seven thousand members to the polling station to vote for Biden.


As per reports, a union organizer Alicia Weaver had been doing the calls for the entire week. Alicia says she has been uncomfortable with the disrespect outlaid by the President’s office since Donald became the head. Weaver says she will not replicate 2016 mistakes, and her happiness is to see the change she has been longing for come November.


She acknowledges Biden as the candidate to unite the country since there is a lot of division between the people of the United States. Union members support Biden as a result of the Barrack Obama government bailout, towards the car industry after the 2009 financial crisis. Terrell George, one of the board members, says Obama came to rescue when they needed help.


George says Biden was there too, and he stood right by their side. He also adds that “many union members kept their jobs, and it was all because of Joe.” Due to this, a large number of union members have turned their attention to the November elections.


Generally, choosing a committed leader is not easy, but the bottom line here is that the United States society is determined and ready to vote for the right President. All the best to citizens of the United States as they choose their next leader come November.



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