Trendy Wedding Dresses for 2021


As a bride, one of the key aspects that you put much effort into is your gown. You aim to please and sweep your congregation off their feet. All the attention should be on you. You are even careful to ensure that your bridesmaid does not outsmart you on this extraordinary day. After all, it is your day; they are there for you, not the other way round. Find dresses that incorporate a level of uniqueness and class to complete you as an African bride. The designers have taken their time to make it an investment to bring out the best in you as a bride. Be warned that these dresses might bring your fiance to tears as you walk down the aisle. A standing ovation from your audience is a much guarantee with these designs. Here are the top trendy wedding dresses and strategies to consider in 2021.

Sparkly and Glittering gowns

It’s the new trend that dominated the year 2020, and it is trickling down to the new year. The dresses are decorated with glitters that leave them all sparkly. This idea is profoundly displayed in most mermaid wedding dresses. A few touches on the ball gown dresses are attached to bring out the new look. This idea is a modernized version of wedding dresses. This trend is not leaving the African woman.

Suit up!

Change is as good as rest. It’s a new era where suits are now acceptable in wedding ceremonies. This time the groomsmen and the bride might be the ones with matching outfits. Thanks to the outgoing designers and courageous brides, this dress code is now a trend. If you find dresses a hard nut to crack for you, your wedding doesn’t have to be canceled. These elegant suits will help grace the day for you.

Diversify the color

White weddings have been the trend for quite some time now. It was custom for the bride to appear in white to perform the matrimonial vows. However, white weddings are slowly fading away. Having a colored gown is being embraced. Dresses come with a touch of silver or o touch of the color of your choice.

Off-shoulder gowns

Off shoulders compared to the other type of dresses are the trend. Brides are getting in the know on those off shoulders. This design spices up your look, ensuring the romantic gesture is put in place. It is also a way for the African bride to showcase the African skin color and beauty. Designers are further innovative and incorporating the sweetheart neckline design to meet off shoulders. Delivering a beautiful dress for the grand entrance to your wedding.

Leave a lace train

Walking down the aisle is not yet complete for some brides, especially in Africa, if a trail of their dress is not behind them. Many struggles to achieve this through long veils or adding a white dress trail from the waist point. Worry no more, for Tailors have come up with designs that incorporate lace trains in the dresses.

Ruffle dresses

There is a feminine touch that comes with a bride in a ruffle dress. Moreover, the dress brings out a romantic and fun gesture for the bride. At the same time, a fashion-filled dress that brings awe to everyone. The dress is definitely making a comeback in the market. African brides are welcoming the trend with open arms.

The leg split wedding dress.

Image courtesy of Pinterest/ trendy wedding dresses there is something the African woman is richly blessed with are the legs. The long melanin scarless legs shine with a little application of oil. Ladies, if you are that modernized kind of lady comfortable enough to showcase your blessings, this dress is for you. The dress guarantees a romantic gesture with a little skin show off. Your fiancee will be all smiles.

Traditional concept 

The African print is taking root very fast in the fashion world. And weddings are no exception. This design has slipped through to the wedding dresses, and the product is nothing short of elegance. This dress suits you as an African lady and moreso showcases the love you have for being an African. From body cones to ball gown dresses, the African print suits however you choose your style.


The Jumpsuit design never disappoints. And it is not about to start disappointing as wedding dresses. Whether strapless or full arms, the dress comes with a level of unique touch as wedding attire. If you want to be completely out of the box on your special day, having a jumpsuit wedding dress is the way to go.

Two-Piece wedding dress

Most brides have resorted to this style’s uniqueness, especially with brides who plan to have an evening party or desire to have a different dress for the reception. The two-piece design either incorporates a mermaid dress underneath a ball gown dress. It can either come as a two-piece, thus a top and something to compliment below your waist, either a trouser or a skirt.

Minimalist wedding dress

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. These are the exact words of Leonardo da Vinci. And they very much resonate with this type of dress. The minimalist dress comes with fewer decorations and very straight forward. No glitters and indeed no form of decors on it. If you are that African bride that adores the simplicity in things, this type of dress will sweep you off your feet. The amazing thing is it can be designed to suit your design preference. Megan Markle married the England prince in one. Why not you and represent the African queen in you.

Custom made ball gowns.

If you wish to achieve that princess feels as you walk down the aisle, the ball gown is your dress. It is a dress that, over time, has evolved into a more sophisticated and beautiful wedding dress. African brides embrace this design and outshine their day with elegant ball gown wedding dresses. It is a common yet unique wedding dress since it is mostly customed to its taste and preference.

Tiers wedding dress

This dress is much similar to the ruffle dress. However, there is a difference between the two. The tier design dress has a particular pattern from its waistline or anywhere below the waist. It arranges itself in ascending order of small parts of dresses piling on each other. This dress is perfect for an African bride to walk down the aisle.





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