African fashion has come of age—Egbochie

Fidelis Egbochie

In a recent statement, Fidelis Egbochie, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fidossi wines and spirits, expressed his belief that African fashion had made significant progress.

When speaking at the sixth edition of the African Fashion Designer Awards, which took place in Lagos, he stated that the ingenuity of our indigenous designers is particularly remarkable.

The fashion industry in Africa has come a long way. An exceptional level of originality may be seen among our local designers. We can boost the reputation of our indigenous fashion companies while simultaneously garnering massive patronage and economic prospects for the continent if we provide the venues that will exhibit this innovation and the men and women behind it.

“Mood, as a brand that inspires moments of brilliance, creativity, and fun, is proud to celebrate and showcase the best fashion designs on the continent,” he continued. “Mood is a brand that inspires moments of enjoyment.”

The person in charge of organizing the awards, Dasilva Olasunkanmi, expressed gratitude to the most prestigious Italian “champagne,” Mood, which is produced by the Fidossi Wines and Spirits company, for their support of the sixth edition of the African Fashion Designer Awards, which showcased the creative abilities of African designers.

He said regional styles and traditional textiles influenced the presentation.
“Great partners offer help for growing businesses. The African Fashion Designer Awards are pleased to welcome Mood as a sponsor for this particular round of the awards.

What this demonstrates is that the brand has a strong interest in Africa. Because of the assistance from the brand, our coverage has been broadened, and we have been able to bring together, exhibit, and honor some of the most talented designers present on the continent.
Every year, the awards spotlight, acknowledge, and honor the inventiveness and exceptional innovation of fashion designers on the continent, including those just starting and those who have been working for a long time.

Among the many notable winners of this year’s awards are the following: 1981 Clothing, which was named the African Fashion Designer of the Year in the male category; Mimaxclusive, which was named the winner of the African Fashion Designer Award in the female category; House of Viola Pelle, which was named the African Fashion Stylist of the Year; and Mumini Fashion, which was named the African Fashion Brand of the Year.


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