The Debut Collection by Sisé Are All Wardrobe Must-Haves


The first thing about Sisé’s (pronounced she-shay) first collection is how beautiful the clothing is. It is inappropriate to use this word carelessly, particularly when discussing critiques and assessments of fashion. However, that’s a very accurate description of Sisé.

The new women’swear brand, founded in 2023 by Nigerian designer Tsitse Okorodudu, is aware of its design DNA. Not only does it perceive it, but it also comprehends it. The company blends cutting-edge design principles with traditional artisanal craft methods and techniques from Nigeria and other regions of Africa.

African designers are incorporating a resurgence of traditional craftsmanship into their designs, a rediscovery of the material culture around the creation of dresses. The Mowaré collection, which translates to “I have arrived in Itsekiri,” combines brocade and organza with traditional, craft-oriented textiles from adire, aso-oke, and Sakala in magnificent harmony.

Okorodudu, who spoke to OkayAfrica, said, “The rich tapestry of Nigerian heritage, design, and craftsmanship primarily inspired the collection. As a Nigerian and Itsekiri person, I needed to display my culture through clothes while combining this with contemporary influences.” My goal is to design clothing that lets individuals explore and express themselves uniquely inspired by the collection.”

The four striking styles in the collection are an adire layered and pleated skirt, a draped adire dress, a blue silk cut-out slip dress, and a beaded tera tera/sakala vest. There are countless style options. The blue cut-out slip dress has been spotted on celebrities, such as Nigerians Shalewa Ashafa and Kehinde Bankole, relatively lately. We’re excited to see what the brand releases next.


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