Top 5 Fastest and Easiest Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya 2020


Are you in a total fix, and thinking of getting a soft loan can save you from the problem? You can resort to a mobile loan app and have your emergency financial problem solved in a few steps – downloading the app, signing, and requesting for a loan. It is the fastest, legit, and most comfortable than ever before!

Many Kenyans have increasingly downloaded loan apps in their phones for undoubted reasons for getting quick loans in times of financial emergency. This has come so usefully to the citizens as you can borrow money anytime and get cash instantly without filling any forms. You only need to fill in a few personal details and your past financial records to secure your loan, mostly between 100 shillings to wholesomely 50,000 shillings! Once the application is successful, the loan is sent to your M-Pesa mobile accounts instantly.

Below are the top 5 Mobile loan apps that offer instant loans

  1. Mshwari Loans
  2. KCB M-Pesa loans
  3. Tala Loans
  4. Branch Loans
  5. Timiza Loans

Mshwari Loan by Safaricom

Mshwari mobile loans are indeed lifesaver if you are in a total emergency and need a quick loan. This loan is offered by the largest mobile network in Kenya, Safaricom PLC, in Kenya. Mshawri loan was founded in 2012 through M-Pesa and Commercial Bank of Africa in the form of collaboration to offer ONLY Safaricom customers with quick instant loans in times of dire need.

The lowest amount of cash you can borrow with Mshwari is 100 bob, while the maximum amount you can loan depends on how much you have saved on the app and how much frequently you have transacted through the mobile app. It operates in a manner that if you take your first loan, the next limit depends on how fast you paid your previous loan. As the company slogan says, ‘TWAWEZA,’ this is the most popular mobile loan in Kenya, helping many to get immediate loans in tough times.

KCB M-Pesa Loan

This loan is available to ONLY Safaricom subscribers. KCB Mpesa loan allows customers to borrow even if you are not saving with the KCB bank. It is easily accessible as the menu is on M-Pesa for all registered Safaricom lines.

The minimum amount you can loan from KCB M-Pesa is 50 shillings to a maximum of 1 million shillings limit. The rule of increasing your loan limit is the same. You must be active on high M-Pesa transactions. It is also worth noting that KCB M-Pesa is available on the Safaricom M-Pesa menu on the registered lines.


Tala Loan

Tala, previously known as Mkopo Rahisi, is another legit loaning app that gives instant loans in Kenya and other East Africa countries.

To get credits from this lending business, you need to have a smartphone and download the Tala app from the Google Play Store. Once you download the app, you should link the app to your active Facebook account and then follow prompts to feed in the required details to access the loan.

Having good M-Pesa transaction records on your mobile phone increases the chances of getting the loan. Therefore, you need to keep all the M-Pesa messages on your phone. The minimum amount is 500 shillings while the maximum amount is 50, 000 shillings sent to your M-Pesa registered line.

Tala rules and regulations demand that the loan is paid back in weekly installments through their M-Pesa Paybill number.

Branch Loan

Branch loan is offered by a company based in San Francisco in the United States with its branch in Nairobi.

To qualify for the loan, one must have a Safaricom registered line with an active M-Pesa account. Besides, you must have an active Facebook account registered with your exact details matching the information on your National ID card.

Proceed and download the Branch loan app on Google Play Store. Link the app with your Facebook account. And follow the prompts and provide reasons why you need the loan.

If you qualify, the minimum amount  is 1000 shillings, which is bound to grow limits depending on how fast you repay the loan. The branch has no maximum loan limit.

Timiza Loans

Timiza loan by Barclays offers quick loans to Kenya Citizens. You only need a mobile phone, and you must not have a Barclays bank account to qualify.

The best way to be eligible for the Timiza loan is by going the savings way. This is by depositing money in the app through M-Pesa. Great records will increase your chances of getting a loan instantly upon application.

To get accessed to Timiza, dial *848# on your phone or download the app on your smartphone. Then proceed with the required details to get the loan.

Final Words

The above loan apps are incredible money lending companies that can quickly save you while on emergency needs. However, you need to understand that each loan you take comes with interest rates added on top of the amount you borrowed. And at all times, try to pay back your loan in time. Many Kenyans are in CRB only due to the failure to repay their loans. So, be smart and responsible all times after taking the loan.



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