The World’s Best Football Player: Lionel Messi Quitting Barcelona


The world’s best football player, Lionel Messi, is quitting Barcelona. This comes as a massive blow to all his fans. Barcelona will never be the same without Messi. While Messi may one day regret leaving Barcelona, the club will regret more. How did they let it come to this? This is the query that all the fans of Barcelona are posing as the days get near. The night he gathered his sixth Golden Ball, Lionel Messi confirmed it. It was hard enough for fans to embrace the thought before. It’s more challenging now. They all realized deep down that he was leaving too soon.

“I am 32,” he said. Obviously, they didn’t have to know to face the truth abruptly. No one realized that he would go this way: an ending that was so sad, so shattered. Messi would take fantasy soccer to England if he joined Manchester City. If it scares Barcelona fans to think Messi has gone, it’s harder to consider a day when he’s stopped playing for them, and he’s playing for another team.

Lionel Messi Might Not be Quitting Barcelona So Soon 

On Wednesday, Ramon Planes said he wished to create a championship team around Messi, the world’s current greatest player, which would have been a great idea if they had done it sooner before the situation spilled out of control. Barcelona has maintained that Messi’s provision to leave does not exist, and even though it does, it is invalid. The club’s understanding is that if Messi were to depart, he had to inform them by 10 June, but his opportunity has gone. They told him that his buyout accumulated to €700 million and that they wished he continues to play for the club.

There is no way to resolve the situation. There’s no affection left after the two sides have come to the degree of which they speak through lawyers and structured letters. The only thing left is to bargain or fight, to restrict or to multiply the damage. In this situation, there is a straightforward legal problem. And it might wind up in court.

How eager can Messi be just to leave and so miserable that nothing is there that can persuade him to stay? Taking it back a couple of years, why did Messi seek an escape provision when he negotiated a renewal deal in 2017? Why did he seize the opportunity to move out of Barcelona for free, “a breakaway,” just in case things became intolerable for him? How would they encourage him to do so? If they were attempting to make him happy, they lost.

What Will Happen to Barcelona?

The surprise is not so much that Messi has made this step, whose indignation and resentment have been progressively apparent. It’s just a terrible relationship. Not unexpectedly, difficulties persisted, but they are too intense, too immutable. Having reacted so, the association has worsened more.

It’s not just about Messi leaving; it’s where he’s going, why he’s going, and how he’s going. It doesn’t matter much where he goes, whether it’s Manchester City, Paris, Saint-Germain, or Juventus. What counts is that he’s going to play for another club. At least when he claimed the end was close, his supporters figured he’d gather them–play his last game, like his first, in a Barcelona jersey, a joy of a tearful goodbye, a joint party, but that’s never going to happen now. It’s less than a year from now. After 20 seasons in Barcelona, 17 in the first team, 34 championships, and 634 scores, it’s all over. It is disturbing news for Barcelona and for La Liga, now faced with an alarming fact.

In December 2019, Lionel Messi said he was going to retire. That’s not the issue, though. Players don’t speak of retirement, like how people don’t talk of death. Even if people are glad to see him play somewhere else, the energy of anticipation is good–but it would sound wrong for Barcelona fans. Barcelona fans have a crazy sense of Messi belonging to Barcelona. It’s not that surprising for football players to quit a football team! Yes, this is Messi, and that’s something huge. Besides, above and beyond redemption, Messi expressed his purpose to escape legal notice–all for free. A particular contract arrangement permits him to step out freely.

Where Next For Lionel Messi After Quitting Barcelona?

In July, Messi faced a home loss at Osasuna that handed the Spanish title to its arch-rivals, Real Madrid. The situation which has been escalating for five years and more is that Messi has lost his grip on almost everything: his club, home, and ambitions. This is a fight, and the conflict remains unfinished. Some see Messi’s decision as intimidation and an ultimate effort to bring reform at the top, but Bartomeu is a man who will not quit now, regardless.

The harm is done not because Messi is going, but how he’s intending to quit. And if Barcelona gathers ample capital to fix a financial problem, that’s a colossal hit. However, if they create a team without Messi, many emerge from his long shadow. Even if Lionel Messi doesn’t do well wherever he goes or goes back to Barcelona to reconsider his exit–because, at some point, he will regret his move, this is a mark that will never be forgotten.

Nothing will really be lost. The dispute now is permanent, and many will take sides. There’s no way out — although they can persuade Lionel Messi to stay, anyway. It never will be the same, though. It’s not only next year; it’s about each year without him. This incident will always be a part of missing history and unresolved bitterness. This is a metaphor of catastrophe and an absurdly abject loss-a tragedy that has taken everything, including him, with it. Fans will also recall the moments when things were so terrible that the greatest football player in their world thought it was time to move on, the headlines they dreaded more than anything else in football history.



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