The Most Corrupt African States


Corruption is a criminal offense that has been going on for a long time in many countries around the world. Even during this pandemic, countries such as Kenya have participated in the embezzlement of COVID-19 funds. The act of corruption overshadows integrity, accountability, and fairness. Besides, it affects democracy in a country. Despite the efforts of several countries trying to finish corruption, the act seems to be growing more every day. This article will bring to light the most corrupt African states.


According to Transparency International,  here are the top 10 most corrupt African states.


#1 Mozambique

Mozambique is among the most corrupt African states. It has a corruption perception index (CPI) of 23. Corruption occurs in public procurement and tax customs authorities. There is a legal framework in the country to stop corruption but there are challenges as it doesn’t cover other forms of the act. For example embezzlement of funds. The sad thing is that also the Judiciary arm is corrupt as it accepts the act of bribing.


The number of corruption scandals in the country has greatly affected its economy. However, Mozambique is taking steps towards addressing the issue of corruption in the country.


#2 Zimbabwe

Has a CPI of 22. According to a survey, more than 60% of the respondents admitted to having bribed their way into receiving great favors. The act of corruption in the country is increasing daily because of the challenges or difficulties the citizens undergo.


Some reports say that Zimbabwe is one of the most corrupted countries in the African continent. Its citizens say that the public sector is the most corrupt in the state. They also said the police force is the most corrupt followed by political parties, Parliament, and the Judiciary. The country loses over 4m dollars to the evil act every year.


People in business regard police corruption as a risk for enterprises to function in the state.


#3 Chad

It has a CPI of 19 and corruption in the state takes the form of nepotism. Nepotism is the act of those in power favoring their relatives or friends, especially when giving them jobs. Lack of security increases the act of corruption in Chad. Key anti-corruption legislation involves the anti-corruption policy that illegalizes both passive and active bribery.


#4 The Democratic Republic of Congo

Its CPI is 19 and it has a reputation as one of the most corrupt states in the globe. Every sector in the DRC suffers from the act of corruption. The authority regulation has illegalized many forms of corruption but disobeying this law is normal in the DRC.


#5 Angola

Angola has a CPI of 19. In the last decade, the country lost over 4.5 billion dollars to the crime of corruption. Most of the Angolan authorities participated in gathering money fraudulently for their use.


According to reports, there has been an increasing level of infrastructural corruption in the state since the 2000s. From the individuals to the firms, every other person must pay bribes to enable them to operate enterprises. The Judicial system in Angola is corrupt since the Judiciary collaborates with the government at most times.


Citizens say that judges assume or creatively elucidate laws in circumstances where they hold a conflict of interest. The rural municipal courts aren’t functioning making the citizens have no choice but to opt for informal courts.

#6 Burundi

Burundi has a CPI of 17 and is among the poorest nations in the globe. The act of corruption in the state is increasing as the Judiciary and other public sectors are very corrupt. The police who should maintain law and order and protect the citizens of Burundi are taking bribes. They go to the extent of accepting bribes from influential people who give them orders to apprehend the innocent.


Most of the Burundians have formed a perception that one must carry along a bribe to get services from a public office.


#7 Libya

The corruption perception index for Libya is 17. According to surveys, citizens in Libya accepted to have bribed their way to receive favors just like most Zimbabweans. Rich people bribe journalists not to report the actual events that are happening in the state. This is a very sad state of affairs because corruption in Libya has encroached even in the media sector.


The worse news is that anyone who tries to stand out and doesn’t engage in bribery to get favors will suffer brutality.


#8 Sudan

It has a CPI of 16 and a very difficult environment for enterprises to thrive. Sudan is one of the most corrupt states in the globe. Sectors involving foreign investments are susceptible to corruption. Corruption in the country exists in most public sectors of the economy and levels of authority.


The act takes the form of political corruption, financial corruption, nepotism, favoritism, and misusing power.


#9 South Sudan

Has a CPI of 13 and is very unstable politically and economically. Corruption starts as low as from the citizens up to as high as the elites in the government. South Sudan has recorded many scandals related to the act of corruption. Its government fires anybody that is in its cabinet who tries to speak up about the level of corruption in the state.

#10 Somalia

Somalia has a CPI of about 10 and corruption is very common as most citizens participate in corruption acts. There is also a wide gap between the rich and the poor people in the state.



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