The Demise of Kenyan Star: Papa Shirandula.


Kenyan renowned TV star Charles Bukeko popularly known as Papa Shirandula died on Saturday morning. He died in a hospital in Karen Hospital, Nairobi. Shirandula had tested positive for Covid-19 previously. Ronald Wanyama, Shirandula’s brother in law, said he was experiencing difficulty in breathing before rushing him to hospital. He also added that the Tv Personality traveled to Western and came back to Nairobi on Sunday before he fell sick.

TV Star: Papa Shirandula


Charles Bukeko, an award-winning actor who won the ‘Best Actor in TV Series’ during the Kalasha Award, was legendary. Mr. Bukeko is known as a lead actor in a Kenyan series featured on Citizen TV known as ‘Papa Shirandula. Mr.Charles was a veteran and a legendary in the comedy industry. His passion for his career was seen every single time Kenyans got to see him through his big heart.

Apart from being a career man, Mr. Charles was a firstborn in a family of four. The departed had a wife and three children. The deceased wife by the name Beatrice Ebbie Andega and the three children, Charlie Tony and Wendy.

However, the country received the sad news of his demise on Saturday morning, July 18. Charles died on arrival at the Karen Hospital, where he was being rushed for emergency treatment. Earlier, he was tested Covid-19 positive and afterward developed breathing difficulties. It was important to note that he had earlier traveled to the Western side of Kenya, his rural home, where he fell ill. After realizing he was positive for coronavirus, he self-isolated himself. However, his condition was worsened due to his diabetic condition as per the family’s statement. Mr. Charles Bukeko, aka Papa Shirandula, died at the age of 58.

Heartfelt Eulogies

President Uhuru Kenyatta grieved with the family through a condolence message vias Twitter. The president saw him as a gifted storyteller whose contribution to Kenya’s entertainment industry will forever be cherished.

Deputy President William Ruto also poured-out his condolences through Twitter. He stated that we, as Kenyans are heartbroken by the demise of the versatile Kenyan star, Charles Bukeko. He also added that Bukeko was a skillful, talented, and towering actor. Mr. Charles Mr. Bukeko’s electrifying performances will continue to educate and inspire many coming generations. Kenyans will no doubt miss his rich contribution on and off the stage.

The Royal Media Services were also not left behind when it came to supporting the deceased family. Wachira Waruru, Managing Director of the Royal Media Services, poured out his sincere condolences to the family and colleagues of the famous Tv actor Charles Bukeko on behalf of the Royal Media Services.

“This is certainly a big loss not only to the family and colleagues but also to the Royal Media Family. It’s a big loss to Kenya’s acting fraternity and the nation as a whole,” said Wachira Waruru.

Former Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka described the deceases as a gifted actor who was a joy to watch. He also added that the demise of this talented actor saddened him. The number of personalities who worked with the deceased eulogized him as a charismatic person who stayed grounded throughout his career.




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