The Burger King Thinks Moldy Whoppers Will Get You to Buy More Burgers


There is a remolding of the image of Burger king’s signature, Whopper. It is in a very new nauseating advertisement campaign that intends to promote efforts of eliminating artificial preservatives and additives from the menu of the company.

On Wednesday, the burger chain unveiled the new picture and a preservative-free whopper. In that campaign, the mold is covering the Whopper, shown decaying while consumed by the green fungus.

The Commercial Ad.

The unconventional marketing efforts include a Tv commercial that is showing all natural Whopper that is slowing rotting in thirty-four days. Dina Washington hit song in 1959, “what a Difference a Day Makes” play as a background song.

There are no special effects and food coloring. Their commonly known use is to make the meals of the restaurant, and they make the ingredient to look morea6ppetizing in the commercials. The Whopper  then transforms into a blue and green mess at the end of that forty-five-second commercial ad.”The beauty of no artificial preservatives,” the tagline of the ad read.

People’s reaction to the new burger king

Despite the moldy Whopper looking revolting, the Restaurant brands International who owns the Burger King says its customers are craving for healthier and organic ingredients. Fifty-seven of Millennials and over half of millennials, parents, said that they are now buying more organic products than they purchased five years ago. This is according to the analysis of September YouGov that Wholefoods commissioned. Nielsen report of 2018 also reported that many young adults will buy products at a higher price as long as they have more environmentally friendly ingredients and are natural.

Many burger king restaurants in most of the European countries have stopped making food with preservatives. The industry tries to shift towards ingredients that are organic and healthier.

“We believe that real food tastes better.”

Fernando Machado, who is a Restaurant Brands International Global Chief Marketing Officer, said. he further stated,

“That’s why we are working hard to remove preservatives, colors, and flavors from artificial sources from the food we serve in all countries around the world.”

According to Christopher Finazzo, the president of Burger King’s Americas division, Whopper fans in the United States may have already tasted a preservative-free Whopper without realizing it

“The product is already available in more than 400 restaurants in the country and will reach all restaurants throughout the year,” Finazzo said.

Other burger chains efforts to make natural burgers

Burger King, McDonald’s (MCD)and Wendy’s (WEN) are the united states largest burger chains. McDonald in 2018 stopped using some preservatives. This was two years after removing antibiotics from the supply chain of chicken. Unfortunately, when requested for a comment, Wendy’s did not respond immediately.