Tanzania Opposition Party Agrees to Collaborate to Stand as One Strong Party Against Magufuli


United we stand, divided we fall. A slogan that the opposition parties in the current Tanzania election campaign have agreed to follow on. By so doing, the parties are in hope that they will be able to defeat Magufuli in the presidential race. Tanzania is two weeks away from conducting its elections set to take place on 28th October. During this time, candidates are taking serious their campaigns. And opposition leaders have decided to form a new party to overthrow the Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) and bring forth a new regime.

The chosen candidate for the merged opposition party

The two parties had to come into agreement on who to proceed with the presidential candidate. The opposition party chair gave a statement on 4th October regarding the stepping aside of their presidential candidate.  His party agreed to back Seif Sharif Hamad to contest. Seif is of the ACT-Wazalendo party that merged forces with the opposition party. He will be rallying against Hussein Mwinyi of the CCM. The coalition has proven its effectiveness as the two are seen helping each other out in the MP and Counsellor leadership campaigns.

Challenges facing the coalition

Although there are a few disagreements between the two parties from its members, the major challenge is from the government. According to Tanzania’s law, if two parties wish to come together and form a coalition, a notification to the government must be made within 90 days. Thereafter, it has to approve by the country’s registrar of political parties. As a result, the two parties have been on the receiving end of the government’s warnings.

Collaboration `an opportunity`

Ever since the launch of election campaigns, the opposition party has had a rough road in respect to the restrictions put forward by the government. However, to the opposition party, this was more like political harassment rather than fostering a peaceful campaign. Moreover, this saw many candidates from the opposition party being disqualified.

But the formation of the coalition will be a great game-changer towards challenging the CCM. The two parties merging will restore the party’s representation of its members hence maintaining its strongholds. Over the years CCM has managed to maintain its power in the country and bringing forth the country’s president. Tanzanians are more inclined to the CCM.

Defeating the ruling party will prove to be quite a task especially because Magufuli has garnered up a good number of supporters. Through his leadership, Magufuli has been making tours all over his country ensuring rules and regulations are adhered to. Restrictions as well as various sectors facing a ban from operations have been enforced as well.

Way forward

However, the coalition is seeking to weaponize the leadership style of Magufuli. Recently, Magufuli`s government popular for its stifling dissent. An accusation that was blatantly denied by the government. Magufuli remains hopeful of winning a second term in the presidency for his country. Meanwhile, the coalition is also looking forward to putting an end to the ruling party and realize new dawn for Tanzanians.




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