Unveiling the Alleged Involvement of Tanzanian Police in Fatalities at Gold Mine

Unveiling the Alleged Involvement of Tanzanian Police in Fatalities at Gold Mine
North Mara Gold Mine in Tarime district, northwest Tanzania. © 2022 Private

Human Rights Watch recently revealed frightening details about the North Mara Gold Mine in Tanzania. Conflicts have broken out in the area around the mine since February 2024, killing at least six people and injuring dozens more. These incidents highlight the critical necessity for impartial investigations into the Tarime district in northern Tanzania by the Tanzanian government in order to resolve the increasing number of complaints.

Unveiling the Conflict: The dead and wounded were said to have been “invading the mine” and participating in illicit small-scale mining on the property of the mine, according to the police. The shocking thing is that nobody has been put under custody because of these occurrences. A serious humanitarian catastrophe is being signaled by this pattern of violence and the absence of responsibility.

Government and Business Role: A large police force has been stationed at the North Mara Gold company Limited site since 2014, thanks to a partnership between the Tanzanian government and the company. On the other hand, community and rights organization reports reveal a disturbing pattern of police brutality, including arbitrary arrests, shootings, and beatings. The common justification for these violations is the fight against theft from the mine and its vicinity.

Since 2019, the mine has been co-owned by the Tanzanian government and Barrick Gold, a Canadian company with headquarters in Toronto. Claims of turning the police into a private security force and involvement in human rights violations have recently surfaced. In 2022, a legal dispute erupted when 21 Tanzanians took Barrick Gold to court in Canada, accusing the company of complicity in extrajudicial killings and assaults committed by mine police.

Reports of multiple injuries and fatalities have surfaced in recent months, yet no one has been brought to justice for these tragedies. Among these occurrences, you can find the tragic shootings of Sylvester Sobhe Marwa Nyangige and Jackson Nyamonge. Witnesses have spoken horrifyingly, describing acts of brutality and callousness for human life.

Political Reaction and Public Uproar: Many concerned citizens and activists have spoken out against the rising tide of police violence, calling for immediate action to resolve underlying problems. John Heche, a former lawmaker, brought attention to the gravity of the problem by pointing out the alarming increase in casualties.

Corporate Responsibility and Global Standards: People are skeptical about Barrick Gold’s reaction to these claims. We urge the corporation to maintain human rights standards and ensure accountability throughout its operations, even though it is distancing itself from direct control over police actions. Corporations are held accountable for human rights violations linked to their operations by international frameworks like the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Prompt Action: Human Rights Watch stresses the need of conducting fair investigations in order to provide victims and their families with justice. By punishing those responsible and putting safeguards in place to avoid such atrocities, the Tanzanian government can show that it is serious about protecting human rights. The only way to end the cycle of impunity and violence and create a safer, more equitable world is for everyone to work together in open and honest dialogue.


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