Tanzania Breweries in Partnership to Help Sorghum Farmers


Tanzania Breweries Limited is a Tanzania based organization responsible for the production, distribution, and dealers of malt lager, non-alcoholic beers, and alcoholic natural product drinks in Tanzania.

Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL), a supplementary of AB InBev partners with the World Food Program (WFP) the Farm to Market Alliance (FtMA)  to help Tanzanian smallholder sorghum farmers. The joint effort commenced with a pilot venture where TBL Plc has agreed to buy the sorghum delivered by approximately 1,400 smallholder sorghum farmers in Dodoma and Manyara.

Tanzania breweries limited to help farmers with agronomic information

TBL Plc, FtMA, and WFP will bolster the farmers with access to sorghum seed, crop protection, sorghum crop management protocols, agricultural extension services, and improved conglomeration. Also, market access to boost their productivity.

Additionally, TBL Plc managing executive, Philip Redman, said that the venture will play a dynamic role in growing the production of sorghum in Tanzania. In addition to guaranteeing farmers get dependable profits.

“The company sources sorghum locally from smallholder farmers and by collaborating with FtMA and WFP we are collectively working to strengthen the value chain and to increase the livelihoods of Tanzania’s smallholder farmers who are an essential part of its supply chain,”

He moreover went on to say, they are hoping to dispatch the BanQuBlockchain stage. It will include openness and reflectiveness into their production network.

Empowering the farmers

BanQu empowers farmers to have a consistent advanced record of their budgetary exchanges. An example is production, deals, buys (inputs), reimbursements, and so on. It also enables the farmer to be paid through mobile money.

A year ago TBL spent over T36.6 billion ($15.8million) on the sourcing of neighborhood crude materials as a major aspect of its more extensive local content advancement program.

In 2018, ABInBev openly dedicated to skill, associate, and financially enable their immediate farmers by 2025. To this end, the organization has made noteworthy interests in supporting smallholder farmers in Tanzania. The organization has helped with the accompanying items and administrations. For example, KilimoUza: a mass SMS and *USSD platform to send farmers climate, agronomic, and market data.

Nevertheless, they have presented an information advance acknowledge scheme. This is combined with financial related training. All this is for the obtainment of valuable sources of info and administrations. They have likewise attempted research trails for creating improved sorghum seed assortments and research-based crop management procedures. This is custom-fitted to the Tanzanian context. Also, agronomic training and maintenance all through the season, to instill feasible agronomic practices.




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