Switzerland National held Hostage in Mali Killed by Kidnappers


As Mali and Italy are celebrating the nationals’ return held in hostage, Switzerland is mourning. Citizens from these three states were residing in Mali at the time of their Kidnaps. The Swiss foreign ministry broke the news on Beatrice Stoeckli`s death after confirmation from the French authorities earlier this week. Beatrice was reported to have been abducted in the year 2016. Her kidnappers were linked to the al-Qaeda terror group, which is said to be vested in Mali. The Malian and Italian citizens have raised speculation concerning the release of more than 200 fighters before their citizens’ freedom in hostage.

Efforts by the Switzerland government to get her back home

The Jama`at Nusrat al-Islam Muslimeen (JNIM) was responsible for Beatrice’s death. This was reported to have taken place in the previous month. The JNIM is the Islam terror group, a branch of the al-Qaeda, that operates in the Malian state. Switzerland said that they had been trying to negotiate with her kidnappers for her release in the last four years since she kidnaps.

The matter was being taken care of quietly until the news of her death. Cassis expressed his condolences to the family and condemned the killers for taking their citizen`s life. The state is still in the dark concerning the events that led to her murder. Her remains are still being sought to grant her family and loved ones a chance to send her off.

The fate of the others

Stoeckli was not the only Swiss hostage held by the JNIM. Four other nationals were suffering in the hands of this terror group and its associates. Although Stoeckli’s death was confirmed, the well-being of the others remains unknown. Stoeckli will be remembered as a Christian missionary whose life was taken as she was serving others.

The conflict inside Mali’s Islamist insurgency

Mali, since 2011 has been in deep conflict with rebellious terror group hailing from the north of the country. The group has created a condition for other militant jihadists to take over the upper region of the country.

In 2013, with the help of French forces, the Malian government helped take back the territory, but the group has managed to carry out attacks and kidnapping innocent people. The Mali government, despite interventions, has not been able to take control of the jihadist’s works and take over the north.

The French government, however, continues to support Mali in restoring peace in the parts of the country in their conflict with the jihadist militants.




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