Sudan’s Suffering Lions Quickly Rescued

Times are hard in the world and the case is not different for Sudan’s capital Khartoum. A few days ago photos and videos of malnourished lions at Al-Qureshi Park spurred some attention. This followed a visit by a Sudan National, called Osman Salih at the park. Meeting emaciated animals almost losing it brought a lot of sadness to him. So, he took pictures of the animals and posted them on social media. A short while after, locals and internationals started calling in the park to save the situation. Some brought meat and medicine to rescue the sickly animals. Upon raising this issue, a global campaign was put across, dubbed #SudanAnimalRescue. Through such a platform, these animals will get help and possibly others in such circumstances. An international not-for-profit firm sent their team to ensure Sudan’s suffering lions quickly rescued.

What led to the extreme malnutrition of the animals?

According to the park officials, the animals cannot afford enough meals in these economic times. The means of survival are difficult for common people due to the political issues in Sudan. They say that they feed the animals from their pockets. Consequently, hard times call for too much straining which leads to negligence of the lions. The park is owned by the municipality on top of support from private donors. It’s a sorry sight of the malnourished lions sitting helplessly at the park. You can see their bones protruding from their flesh. The endless number of wounds on their skin is a shred of clear evidence that all is not well. Therefore, quick intervention is needed to rescue the animals.

The FOUR PAWS Intervention

An international organization based in Vienna saw the plight of these animals on social media. Four Paws sent a team to attend to the lions immediately. On close examination, the right medication was administered on them. Though one of the lions passed on after the issue was raised, the rest are doing marvelously. Unfortunately, the Four Paws team had challenges since their equipment and medicine were confiscated on the border. The officials claimed the team had no prior approval for the equipment. So, the team is working using a third of its tools, hoping the rest will be released. The mission to save the animals is so far so good. It’s not clear though whether the animal will move to a new orphanage for better care. Sudan’s suffering lions rescued is itself proof that humanity is key.

Hope for the animals in the plight

Mr. Osman Salih, the pioneer of the campaign to save the animals can breathe a sigh of relief. Eventually, his efforts to get help for the animals bore fruits. There’s hope that the remaining lions will improve and regain their strength. It was so serious that the lions had remained with one-third of their total weight. Therefore, they need special medical attention immediately. Additionally, more resources should be put in place to sustain the animals. Africa as the proud heritage of the wild animals  needs to put in place measures to protect them. Sudan’s suffering lions quickly rescued brings hope that better opportunities are always there. The Four Paws organization is ready to invite wildlife experts to check on the animals.



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