Stranded Abroad? 7 Tips to help you Survive until the Travel Ban Is Over


The Covid -19 outbreak has left many countries with no other option than to go on lockdowns. Others are also heading that way due to an increase in the virus spreading. Many tourist and those who are in different countries have since then be left stranded with no idea of what to do in other countries. The following are some of the survival tactics you can employ to survive before the lifting of travel ban.

Stock up on medical supplies until travel ban is over

Try to have some necessary emergency medical supplies like painkillers and pain relievers. Also, if you have other health conditions like asthma, heart disease, diabetes, among others, ensure you stock your prescribed medicine to last you for some month while considering their expiry dates as well.

Keeping your chargers safe for your devices like phones and always have them charged

You can buy battery packs for your laptops and phones, buy chargeable lamps and when the lights are on, and ensure you fully charge them. Ensure your power bank has full charge as well.

Keep your emergency contacts both abroad and back at home are safe and visible

Ensure you have several options for your residency abroad with a minimum of two emergency contacts. For your contacts back at home, make sure there is the name, their phone numbers and their addresses.  With such detail, in can something happens to you, tracing you can be easy.

Store non-perishable items and water

Try as much as possible to save non-perishable foods and a lot of water. Having a variety of joints to eat can save you a lot as well. Try to eat on a local budget available. When stranded, it will only make sense if you try to safe as it can save you an embarrassment of becoming broke

Have a ready and working local telephone number with a qualified data plan

By putting much money on your phone, it will help you a lot in case of the emergencies and be careful of how you are using your minutes—Don’t misuse.

Have alternatives to less expensive means of transport

You are trying to save as much as possible, hence going for Uber instead of taxi can be good. However, it will be much better if you ask around other cheaper means of transport which are shared.
You can end up even saving more than $2 daily.

Know Your Country’s Embassy

Be aware of your home country’ embassy location, their phone numbers and several routes to its location. Remember to treat your passport like your life is depending on it. The above are just a few tips, which can help you a lot in doing away with some discomfort you could be having during this kind of time. However, you must follow the guidelines of your respective host country.



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