South Sudan President’s Cousin Shoots, Kills 5 Persons in Juba


The office of the South Sudan President confirmed a tragic shooting in the metropolitan Juba, early Wednesday morning. In a statement signed by press secretary says the president was saddened with the incident. The shooting happened in the open and threatened many people’s lives and unrest in the city.

The official statement by the press secretary Ateny Wek Ateny reiterated the president’s comments. He said that a thorough investigation is underway and the reasons to the tragic will come to light. The shooting offender has been arrested by authorities and is under tight check in hospital. Who at the moment getting medical treatment in the hospital.

The Shooting Incident in Sherikat, Juba

The shooter took the lives of 5 people in the scene. Four men and a woman. While the reports don’t have a clear evidence to the cases, it must have been a terrific scene taking away the lives of 5 people on the incident. The statement by the press secretary ditched claims that the shooter was the son of the president. It said he was a distant relative of the president.

The shooter is President’s distant cousin

The report says he is a distant relative to South Sudan President, Salva Kiir, but he was on his own. The shooter’s name is Lual Akook Wol Kiir. A distance cousin to the President.

“President Kiir’s son is Lual Salva Kiir Mayardit. He did not take part in the crime. The incident is under  investigation and public will know of the outcome through the court of law,”

it added.

Huge protests broke out in the place where the scene took place where people demanded justice for the victims. The protesters blocked roads and burned tires.

Last words

According to Eye Radio, a famous radio station based in the capital made it public that the President has issued a statement regarding the killing. President Kiir’s cousin who acted “alone” will be fairly judged in the court of law. And face the consequences of his actions.



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