Small Business Owners Seeking Relief Loans Exposed to Other Applicants


Business is a pivotal aspect of the economy.  Even small companies play a significant role in sustaining the economy. Building a business requires adequate capital, even for small scale firms.  Some lack the funds to start or sustain their business. They end up seeking loans to boost their ventures. For instance, research shows that small business owners seek relief loans to further their plans.

However, there is probable exposure for those seeking help through the Small Business Administration’s Economic loan program. SBA reported disclosure of information for almost 8000 potential business owners. As a result, the affected will use identity theft protection for a year.

What happened in the SBA portal?

SBA portal reveals all information regarding small businesses. The disclosure includes names, dates of birth, emails, phone numbers, social security numbers, addresses, and tax identification numbers. They also unveiled household size, insurance information, marital and citizenship status, income, disclosure inquiry, as well as financial information. The reports go hand to hand with CNBC news.

A senior administration official says that on the SBA loan site, there is a way for other applicants to see personal information on Economic injury Disaster Loan applications. The official says that after the incident, they disabled the affected portion of the website, solved the problem, and relaunched the application portal.

The official is confident that those who accessed the information were initially in the loan application portal. He says someone can see data belonging to another business owner if the user tries to hit the page back button. The official reveals that more than four million small business owners applied for $383 billion aid through the EIDL program and crisis grants.

The frustration of small business owners

Initially, small business owners access cash grants up to ten thousand U.S. dollars, credited within three days of application. That changed as the loan application took longer than expected. Furthermore, businesses had to access only $1,000 for each employee up to $10,000. According to the reports, the EIDL program runs directly via the SBA.

The plan is separate from the Paycheck Protection Program, and it hits $350 with nearly 1.6 million loan approval in less than fourteen days. As of 20th April, SBA recorded 26,919 disaster loans approved for $5.6 billion. Besides, EIDL processed 755,476 emergency grants totaling to $3.29 billion. The disbursement of PPP and EIDL program is not yet available.

According to the National Federation of Independent Business, three-quarters of the small-scale firms submitted applications for PPP financial support. Since 17th April, the board processed only twenty percent of the claims. Eighty ppercentis still waiting for fund deposits in their borrowers’ accounts. According to NFIB, it is not clear whether the processing is underway.

Similarly, out of forty percent who successfully submitted the loan application to EIDL via SBA, 77% requested urgent funding. Only ten percent of then received the money. Now, a quarter of the business owners speculate to get the money by next year, after the economy returns to normal.


National Small Business Association survey shows that five percent of small business owners who applied for EIDL loans received the funds. A quarter of businesses said they got the PPP funding. Two-thirds are expecting a recession in the coming twelve months, contrasted with 14% in January. However, almost half of the small businesses are not sure of the future of their businesses.



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