Rwandan Fashion House ‘YRunway’ Scoops 3rd Place in Continental Competition


It made waves at the 9th International Fair of African Textiles (SITA) at YRunway, a local fashion brand. At the competition’s fashion show, the design house’s debut collection, “Impuzu Collection,” placed third out of sixty creations.

This year’s SITA took place in Conakry, Guinea, from November 6 to November 11, bringing together prominent figures in the continent’s textile sector.

Various events were featured, such as cotton nights, fashion shows, fashion parades, exhibits, and master lessons in modeling.

The evaluation criteria encompassed elements including form balance, color coordination, textile utilization, creativity, and conformity to conventional and commercial clothing norms.

Yvette Rugasaguhunga, the founder and CEO of YRunway, stated in an interview with The New Times: “This event has grown to be one of the biggest meetings in the African events industry. It provides a venue for showcasing, advancing, and promoting textiles produced in Africa. In addition to “wear,” YRunway’s “Impuzu” line represents barkcloth.

“YRunway, through its collection, pays homage to the artisanal craft of utilizing “Impuzu,” a revered textile like ‘ubuhivu,’ a vegetal fiber used for various crafts in ancient Rwanda, and Faso Dan Fani (Pagne tissé of Burkina Faso), enduring textiles from ancient Africa,” she added.

“With my creations, I aim to convey the beauty of life, warmth, passion, and purpose,” Rugasaguhunga said.

Eucalyptus cufflinks were part of the collection, while YRunway, in association with Ngali Mining, its official partner, also showcased jewelry created in Rwanda. Rugasaguhunga states, “Let us draw inspiration from Africa’s distinctive fashion, history, and culture to shape a bright and sustainable future.”


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