Nigeria asks U.S.A to Drop Travel Ban


History Behind The Travel Bans Issued By The United State President

Donald Trump issued a travel ban way back in 2017 and he referred to it as the ‘Muslim ban’. In his first executive order 13769 he gave a ban to countries that were inhabited by Muslims. Following the death of a Muslim leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi in a US raid, the US security is highly in danger.

Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen are the countries that got affected during the first order ban but Iraq is not among the countries following changes that he did in order 13780.Later on, he adds Chad, North Korea, and Venezuela to his list of the travel ban.

This year, President Donald Trump went further ahead and issues a ban on visas of citizens in Nigeria, Eritrea, Sudan, Tanzania, Myanmar, and Kyrgyzstan.

Effects Following The Travel Bans Issued By President Donald Trump 

Since many countries trade with the US in international trade, the relations with some countries were quite getting unstable. The President’s issuance of visa ban affected millions of people. In Iran, the issuance of visas greatly reduced. Its population staggering at 80 million only 537 were successful applicants compared to 6643 that were successful in 2017.

Somalia faces an 86% decrease in successful applications, Yemen at 83%, Libya 80%, and Syria 77%. However, in North Korea, it increases by 40%. The other countries’ visas were declined such as Nigeria. Donald Trump bans pregnant women from travelling to the US. He terms it as ‘birth tourism’ Those with medical needs need to show great capacity in paying their medical expenses.

US claims that some women go to the US just to give birth and attain the citizenship of America. Since constitutionally anyone born in the country’s soil is a citizen by birth. Therefore, most people use pregnancy as a way to be legally accepted in the US.


Hope In The Dropping Of Travel Bans And Review Of The Ban

Ogbeni Aregbesola worries about Nigeria’s relation with the US. He issues a statement suggesting for the US to drop the Nigeria visa travel ban.

He says that Nigeria has compiled with most issues brought up by the United States. The U.S.A ambassador comes in aid of the drop of the ban. Mary Beth Leonard gives hope to the Interior Minister of Nigeria that she will try her best to ensure its relation with the States is solid as it was.

The United States President, however, mentions that the ban affecting Nigeria is just on a temporal basis. The Nigerian citizens will travel to the US on conditions. The condition is that the US government expects the Nigerian government to improve its data intelligence.

By doing so, the people wishing to travel to the States will have their data traceable by the United States security agencies.



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