New Africa Foundation Gifts a Home To 95-Year-Old Ghanaian WWII Veteran


The New Africa Foundation’s founder, Nana Kwame Bediako, also known as Freedom Jacob Caesar, donated a professionally fitted 2-bedroom house to Ghana’s 95-year-old WWII veteran Joseph Hammond in the sense of a progressive structure and long-term vision of veterans across the continent. Private Hammond recently headlines in the run-up to the 3,2 kilometers (two miles) daily Covid-19 pandemic to donate £43,500 to African health staff and veterans to fulfill his goal on Accra’s Africa Days. Queen Elizabeth eventually remembered the hero for his contributions to gathering money.

“Private Hammond lived and devoted his life to serve and protect our country. It alarmed me to see him at 95 without a home of his own. This is a warning to us as Africans and our leaders to better care for the most vulnerable in our society and those who have sacrificed to build great nations. It was an honor to provide this great man with accommodation to live out the rest of his days comfortably,” says Caesar. 

He first met and supported the Veteran during his fundraising activities.

The New Africa Foundation Mission

The New Africa Foundation has the mandate to provide humanitarian relief and a transformative mentality to inspire African populations. The Work Transformation Incubator (CTI) is the latest project of the New Africa Foundation. It assists unemployed workers across Africa and offers workshops on skills, work selection, and a Union Group with benefits across the 54 countries, such as loans and housing options.

 The work of Freedom Jacob Caesar for the unity and progress of African and black people across the world, recognized as a leader, industrialist, and national builder, includes helping thousands of Ghanaian families with food and relief during the lockout era, initiatives aimed at bridging the religions of Islam and Christianity in Africa and recognition of the mistake. At a special ceremony during the last charity walk of a veteran, Caesar introduced the home to Private Hammond among supporters.



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