‘My African name stopped me getting job opportunities’

Discrimination Against African Name

Funke Abimbola’s attempts to pursue a variety of professions have been rendered futile following her nemesis. Being African and in possession of an African name, her chances of employment have faced rejection. They have discriminated against her against based on her skin color; a rather act of racism. Befalling victimization has been part and parcel of her. They have subjected Abimbola to several acts of discrimination. Besides, to present herself for an interview, she had to make over 100 calls, after which she never qualified. This slightly biased and disheartening.

Because of her skin tone, she was noticeable from afar and, as a result, ended taking blames and criticisms more than her associates. Since she was a member of a minority ethnic group, many a time she was greatly judged. In attempts to solve minority groups’ representations on board, Abimbola concluded that the parker report never astounded her. This is because she has expected less representation of the minority groups.

The Parker Review Committee

The rising concerns on minority groups led to the formation of The Parker Review Committee. John Parker steers the committee who professionally is just suited for the job as his chaired committees with similar issues. They formed the committee to find reformations for ethnic minority representations on boards. Investigations have confirmed that close to one-third of FISE100 companies lack ethnic minority representatives. However, following an examination by the committee, of 83 law firms,31 lacked representatives. In addition, the review disclosed that FISE has fewer representatives for minority groups.


John Parker compares the current concern to the previous one of women representatives. He remains enthusiastic about achieving the desired goal of at least one board representative for FISE 100 companies and likewise for FISE 250 companies. They convince him that with adequate time they would resolve the challenge. Through thoroughly assessing the prior committee, he chaired he remains optimistic because, for the following committee, they achieved a goal of 25% women representatives. Hence because of his knowledge, it’s just a matter of time.

Parker came up with reformations to benefaction ethnic minorities. He stated that there should be several reports on ethnic diversity, the formation of pools for individuals from ethnic minority groups, and also through reports of policies for the minority groups.

Meaningful change

Likewise, Andrea Leadson has directed her focus to achieve an effective transformation. The business lady bases this on the fact that for successful commercial operation, there should be diversity other than discrimination i.e. because the best skills come from different entities hence need interaction for a successful operation. Regardless of one’s background or ethnic group, they should showcase their potential. Therefore, if worthy, they stand a chance.

Dr. Bill Miller never backed her up from the Chattered Institute of Personnel and Development. Dr. Miller rebuked the inadequate representation of ethnic minority groups in business. She regarded it as unacceptable, claiming such informalities were an obstruction to success. She added that despite the country tailing the right directions, its objection is discouraging. Miller also talked about the significance of a well-planned change.

“Systemic change is needed to ensure businesses are building diverse talent pipelines through their organization to support long-term change. Action is long overdue and must be a business priority.”





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